Elizabeth II: this crucial reason why the royal family continues to dress in black since the funeral

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England who died at the age of 96 was carried out on September 19. Two days later, Prince William and Kate Middleton were seen still wearing black. The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England who died at the age of 96 took place on September 19. … Read more

Michel Cymes, 65, who fought against cancer, continues, with his wife, to participate in charity events in support of children

Incognito is how Michel Cymes fought a battle none of his countless viewers feared: cancer. The bomb, announced by Le Parisien in early September 2022, is subtly described in a new book, scheduled for release on October 5, 2022. He is surely not unknown to you. Michel Cymes, the most famous doctor on French television … Read more

Between fear and harassment, Patricia Quijada’s family continues their search; federal mechanism denies him protection


Patricia Quijada Since last April 5, when at dawn an armed group violently entered the home of Patricia Quijada33, to take her away without leaving a trace, her sister Marlén and her family became forcibly activists. “No one is going to look for your relative like yourself,” the woman assures us with a tired voice, … Read more

Solvay, responsible for widespread perfluorinated pollution, knew the toxicity of these “eternal chemicals” and continues to use them


Yet, despite the cleanup carried out by Solvay, neighbors of the plant continue to fall ill in unexplained ways. Alice Lenaz is from Spinetta Marengo. She saw many of her relatives affected. Her father died of kidney cancer in 2015. Her aunt contracted leukemia acute myeloid. We meet her a few weeks after the funeral … Read more

Blog Calciomercato.com: Allegri is back, but the family has a plan! (episode V, the saga continues …)


Who, like myself, had imagined him, and even pictured him on the cover, with the uniform of the Sing Sing prisoners … who, like the full staff of Juve, knowing he was in prison, had uncorked the best bottles of Dom Perignon… Merryin spite of one and the other, in a daring way to say … Read more

The white tent in claim for funds for disability continues in Plaza de Mayo


Today marks the fourth consecutive day, in which the groups related to disability are in a white tent in Plaza de Mayo and in front of Casa Rosadasurrounded by parades demanding that the General Secretary of the Presidency, led by Julio Vitobello, put an end to the “disability adjustment.” This disability group not only brings … Read more

The extermination continues: an indigenous social leader is assassinated in front of his family in Uribia (Guajira)


Reference image. Photo: Colprensa (File) Crimes against social leaders in Colombia do not stop, to the two homicides of these people that were reported in Remedios (Antioquia) and in Puerto Wilches (Norte de Santander), the murder of Mariton Jusayu Ipuana, an indigenous Wayuú in the municipality of Uribia (Guajira) who was part of the authorities … Read more

The Festival continues on a summer night


Cereghino-Alessio Zirulia The Festival continues on a summer night in Genoa. On 1 August opens the fifth week “The return of the Cereghino”. The Festival continues on a summer night, Monday. The review curated by Lunaria Teatro proposes, on Monday 1st August in Piazza San Matteo, the story of the storytelling family of Val Fontanabuona. … Read more

Abiogen Pharma continues its international expansion and aims to quadruple its turnover in the next four years


Article taken from the July 2022 issue of Forbes Italia. Subscribe! Ours is a family business with more than a century of history. In such societies, especially if excellent results are obtained, it may seem natural to remain on known ground. We, on the other hand, have chosen to innovate and look to the rest … Read more

Family of Octavio Ocaña continues to ask for justice


Octavio Ocaña’s family continues to collect all the necessary evidence to clarify the death of the actor who lost his life in October 2021 after receiving a bullet to the skull during a police chase on the Chamapa-Lechería highway. Because the first investigations showed that the young man was allegedly driving under the influence of … Read more