The Moncloa. 09/28/2022. Darias: Excellence, commitment and unity are fundamental values ​​of the SNS to address the challenge of childhood cancer [Prensa/Actualidad/Sanidad]

Darias has attended the inauguration of this Congress which starts in Barcelona together with the president of the SIOP, Kathy Pritchard-Jones; the Government delegate in Catalonia, María Eugènia Gay Rosell; Dina Mired from Jordan, Patron of SIOP; and the director of the WHO on global pediatric cancer initiative, Roberta Ortiz. Thus, the minister pointed out … Read more

The route of the Holy Family, witness to the adversity suffered by Jesus from his childhood

Traveling the roads of the Bible, what more beautiful than that taken by the Holy Family? It is this road that led her to Egypt when she had to flee the repression decided by King Herod against her, thus proving the adversity suffered by the Son of Man from an early age… Jesus has just … Read more

Laura Smet balances the whole truth about her childhood with Nathalie Baye and Johnny Hallyday


Laura Smet is a child star. A child accustomed from an early age to the spotlight. And for good reason. Her father is one of the biggest stars of French song, and her mother an admired and recognized actress. Difficult to go unnoticed in this situation. And as she follows in her mother’s footsteps up … Read more

Moye, childhood memories in the wallpapers and furnishings. Between Colombia and Turin


from Elisabetta Marangoni The sisters Tatiana (designer) and Maria (entrepreneur) print their creations in England. The fabrics from Chieri Moye Design House the colorful brand, founded by two Colombian sisters with a passion for architecture and design. Tatiana the creative mind that she thinks, invents, draws. Architect and interior designer with a very dynamic and … Read more

Anne Heche is gone. Mourning, difficult childhood and love for her children


A life marked by tragedies and painful moments: Anne Heche lived a difficult childhoodmarked from important griefs and with the shadow of violence that she herself had told, but which had been denied by her mother. A life in the spotlight, through acting, directing and participation in television programs. And even in the most tragic … Read more

If you don’t know some of them, it’s really that you didn’t have a childhood


The interest of animation series is often due to the fact that they are aimed at a informed publicwhich gives them much more freedom in the type of language to use. The scriptwriters thus have all the latitude possible in order to explore dark themes or taboosand it is precisely this that gives rise to … Read more

Sandrine Sarroche: “I had a simple, free and happy childhood”


In the heart of the capital, Sandrine Sarroche welcomes us to her home to talk about her childhood. Colorful furniture and sparkling paintings respond to its vitamin smile. The comedian’s golden mouth has been speaking, singing and delighting his fans since 2007. This former lawyer performs alone on stage, throughout France. The general public really … Read more

Where to request the early childhood bonus, € 200 more per family easy to have


Family bonuses have not entirely disappeared, but many do not know it. Families with dependent children can apply for the early childhood bonus, for example, and get 200 euros more. With the debut in 2022 of the new single allowance for all, many families have resigned themselves to the fact that they can only obtain … Read more