Michel Cymes, 65, who fought against cancer, continues, with his wife, to participate in charity events in support of children

Incognito is how Michel Cymes fought a battle none of his countless viewers feared: cancer. The bomb, announced by Le Parisien in early September 2022, is subtly described in a new book, scheduled for release on October 5, 2022. He is surely not unknown to you. Michel Cymes, the most famous doctor on French television … Read more

Benedetto Chieffo: “my father witness of Beauty” / “Charity concert at the Meeting”

BENEDETTO CHIEFFO AND THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FATHER: “A BEAUTY AND A TREASURE” “My father is the cantor and poet of a peopleĀ»: Benedetto Chieffo thus remembers – paraphrasing the teacher and lifelong friend of his father Claudio Chieffo, Don Luigi Giussani – the existence of the father 15 years after his death. In recent … Read more