Paolo Fox on his private life: “I was orphaned very early, I made a family with the cat”

Paolo Fox guest of Marco Liorni’s Italia Sì told of his past marked by the premature loss of his parents: “I grew up with the cat Harry”, then the emotion in remembering Fabrizio Frizzi. Yesterday, Saturday 1 October, Paolo Fox was a guest of Italy Yesthe program led by Marco Liorni in the afternoon of … Read more

Cat and family: how to prepare your cat for the arrival of a baby?


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The cat Winnetou is found after seven years but there is no longer a family waiting for him


It was found seven years after his disappearance. But even though his family was traced, there was no happy ending: they believed him dead and have “moved on”, so much so that they never wanted him back. The protagonist of this story is Winnetou, a 16-year-old kitten who lives in the kennel in Muttenz, Switzerland. … Read more

Devon Rex: characteristics, price, all about this cat…


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Verona, walking with Gabriel: the most famous cat in the historic center


Lucas and Gabriel The appointment with Gabriel at 10.30 in a café in Porta Borsari. It takes a few minutes. Normal, given that every city trip interrupted by photos or videos granted to Veronese and tourists. A lady, a few days ago, followed us from via Mazzini almost to the Arena without ever stopping filming, … Read more

The 5 most affectionate cat breeds to live with


The degree of sociability of a cat depends on many factors such as its evolutionary history, its life experiences and its genetic inclination. One factor that can further influence a cat’s temperament can undoubtedly be breed, which affects an individual’s temperament. Here’s why knowing the characteristics of some breeds can help us choose our life … Read more

All about the Sphynx cat: character, temperament and how to care for it


The Sphynx cat it is one of the most particular breeds, because it has no coat. This feline is unmistakable, as it has a muscular and wiry body, large ears and very expressive eyes. Let’s find out everything you need to know about this breed of cat very original. Origin and history of the Sphynx … Read more