For children and adolescents in vulnerable situations. CELEBRITIES JOIN THE CAMPAIGN LOOKING FOR FOSTER FAMILIES 09-23-2022 – 15:02 Francisco Pérez Bannen, Eliana Albasetti and Susana Hidalgo among others: Actors and influencers join the campaign that seeks Foster Families for children and adolescents in vulnerable situations The initiative called “Acoger Es” -inspired by the story of … Read more

“We do not pay”, even in Cosenza the national campaign against expensive bills

CORIGLIANO – ROSSANO (CS) – IS Gerardo Smurra, president of Simet to explain to AGI the painful choice that led to the dismissal of 40 people (another 30 spontaneously gave up their jobs), motivating the reasons for the reduction in personnel due to a huge crisis that has hit and continues to affect the entire … Read more

Fire in Sapere: a family lost everything and a solidarity campaign was launched to help them

Last night, After 10 p.m., a fire broke out in the Sapere neighborhood from the city of Neuquén in a two-story house where a family lived. Fire personnel reported that the losses were total and from the neighborhood neighborhood society they are organizing a collection to help the family. The deputy commissioner of the fire … Read more

“Uterus for rent” election campaign theme: but does it have real margins of achievement? | 7 Online Municipalities


One of the issues on which attention is being focused today during the election campaign within the context of the debate on rights – in a broad sense – is gestation for others (GPA), vulgarly – and offensively according to wide sensitivity – called “uterus in rent ”, more neutrally“ surrogate motherhood ”(perhaps even better … Read more

They demand from the MSP and Mides protocols, training for officials and a campaign to raise awareness after a bus attack on a young person in crisis


After the episode that occurred on Saturday the 23rd but became known last weekend in which a young man in an emotional crisis was violently thrown from a Cotmi bus by a policewoman and a company guard, a group of social organizations demanded that “the Ministry of Public Health and the Mides protocols, training for … Read more

Tvb subscription campaign, the 300 euro “family package” (parents and two children) is born


Nutribullet TVB’s 2022/23 season ticket campaign was presented today, Friday 15 July, at the Loggia dei Trecento in Treviso, where Treviso Basket was born exactly 10 years ago. The club has prepared a particularly convenient offer in the season which must mean the return of the general public to Palaverde after two years of closures … Read more

Tarandacuao family that crashed into the train in California starts fundraising campaign

The Nieves Mondragón family of Tarandacuao started a fundraising campaign to cover the medical expenses of the only survivor Staff MailTarandacuao.- The family Nieves Mondragon de Tarandacuao began raising funds to finance medical care for the last survivors. Although only this Wednesday the death of four of the members was announced, they are still fighting … Read more

This is the role that the Hernández and Petro families have played in the presidential campaign


The exits and comments from relatives of the two candidates for the Presidency of the Republic have generated all kinds of reactions and opinions by the supporters or opponents of one or another campaign.However, analysts consider that, although these do affect, they are not decisive for the voter to change their vote. One of the … Read more