“We do not pay”, even in Cosenza the national campaign against expensive bills

CORIGLIANO – ROSSANO (CS) – IS Gerardo Smurra, president of Simet to explain to AGI the painful choice that led to the dismissal of 40 people (another 30 spontaneously gave up their jobs), motivating the reasons for the reduction in personnel due to a huge crisis that has hit and continues to affect the entire … Read more

Giorgia Meloni: “Bills, taxes and family: Italians will vote for change”

towards the elections | the interview September 23, 2022 – 06:55 Interview with the leader of the Brothers of Italy: “We are not a danger for democracy, but for the hegemony of the Democratic Party” from Roberto De Ponti Giorgia Meloni, what is about to end was not the easiest election campaign of your career? … Read more

“Dear bills, 500 euros per family by unblocking the regional law proposal. An energy pact for Umbria”

A theme that has now become mainstream for weeks. The energy price increases are causing enormous problems also in Italy. A much debated topic at national and local level, the subject of the press conference convened by the Five Star Movement, in the hall of the province of Terni. Thomas De Luca (regional councilor) spoke; … Read more

Grandparents day. Senior Italia FederAnziani: “It will be bitter. Between bills, war and pandemic, two months’ pension was canceled “

I appeal to all political forces to “find the solutions to intervene on this situation, stem Covid and the consequences of the pandemic on the health system and at the same time fight the economic crisis to save grandparents and, with them, Italian families. So that it returns to the Grandparents’ Day, at least for … Read more

What help on bills can also be asked by those who take the citizenship income


The continuous rise in the cost of gas and electricity in recent months is making it very difficult to pay bills at the end of the month. This applies to both businesses and households. In fact, with the next Aid-ter decree, new bonuses for households and businesses could arrive. In any case, the state already … Read more

Gas and new resistance: cutting bills, doing the math well


The outgoing government (which those who knocked it down would even want to re-enter it) is preparing to define, this week, a substantial tail to the Aid bis decree. However, it will be a lukewarm panel, especially for energy-intensive companies that have seen the prices of supplies increase tenfold. Necessary but far from sufficient. As … Read more

Matt Damon enjoyed a classic Argentine Sunday: family barbecue, bills and the victory of “his” team, Boca Juniors


The Sunday of the actor and his family in Buenos Aires fulfilled the typical expectations of any inhabitant of these lands. That is, with abundant food and after-dinner. Damon arrived in Buenos Aires a few days after witnessing the impressive wedding of his best friend, Ben Affleck, with Jennifer Lopez, in Georgia, United States. According … Read more

Bills, electricity and gas bonuses strengthened in the next quarter: here’s how to get them


The Government has foreseen a strengthening of the social bonuses electricity and gas in order to offset, for domestic customers benefiting from the concessions, the increases in expenditure for supplies resulting from the increases recorded in the prices of electricity and natural gas. Also for the third quarter of 2022in consideration of the trend in … Read more

What theme does the new family of bills have that is offered in more than 500 thousand pesos


These are the specimens of the new Infobae family Some winners, of different manufacture and various denominations are part of the banknote group of the G family, the most current created by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico). However, it was designed with a special theme and in this space we will reveal its meaning and … Read more

Nurses: reforms and bills on standby with the government crisis


There are those who “celebrate” by posting photomontages of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, imagining him while he closes the boxes, but also those who write posts of thanks to him for his commitment in the over two years of the pandemic. Social aside, however, the future that lies ahead for our health care … Read more