Cat and family: how to prepare your cat for the arrival of a baby?

Are you waiting for a happy event ? Here’s how to make your meeting between your cat and baby go as smoothly as possible. To read laterSavedFollow #chat#chat Tracking The cat has become accustomed to a quiet threesome life and then, one day, he senses that something has changed. The smell of his mistress is … Read more

“She pointed the tip of her nose”: Rofrane Bambara (Large families) euphoric after the arrival of a new baby in the family

Tweeter Share on Facebook In an Instagram story published this Wednesday, September 21, Rofrane Bambara announced great news: her sister has enlarged the family! The continuation under this advertisement It is by integrating the cast of the TF1 show Large families: life in XXL, that the Bambara have revealed themselves to the general public. The … Read more

In the cast of Crialese also the Calabrians Rita De Donato and Carlo Gallo. “Our baby son of Immensity”


Adriana is in a border body, she distinguishes him as an alien. She asks heaven to repair it, she asks her mother why she was created “broken”. Emanuele Crialese (“Respiro”, “Terraferma”) gives to the cinema “L’Immosità”, presented at the Venice Film Festival, a colorful, at times painful portrait, which draws from one side of his … Read more

The story of the dramatic end of the series “Dinosaurs” | What exactly happened to baby Sinclair


One of the series of yesteryear that was known worldwide for its popularity was “dinosaurs”, an American installment that focused on the daily life of the Sinclair family, parodying the lifestyle of USA of the 90s and whose end, brought more than one tear to those who closely followed the adventures of this particular family. … Read more

Baby shaken in Béarn: “I had no malicious voluntary gesture”, defends the maternal assistant


A few meters from her, her emaciated impassive face, the family’s former childminder, now 40, sits in the dock. She responds to violence that led to… A few meters from her, her emaciated impassive face, the family’s former childminder, now 40, sits in the dock. She responds to violence that resulted in the infirmity of … Read more

Baby sitter, family booklet and leave: here’s how to get around


With the beginning of school, the summer vacation period is definitively closed and we return to the usual everyday life, for many families, with many commitments, very tight deadlines and the need to reconcile work and home commitments. And it is precisely in this period that solutions are sought – at least who can – … Read more

Vanessa Paradis, soon a new baby in her family: these sublime photos of the baby bump!


Vanessa Paradis will become a tata again in a few weeks. Her little sister Alyson Paradis is expecting her second child. She proudly reveals her pregnancy on her Instagram account and shares a few rare photos. Vanessa Paradis: a new baby is coming! Vanessa Paradis’ family will soon grow with the arrival of a new … Read more