At the ancient Arsenale the show “Saturday, Sunday and Monday”

The masterpiece of the genius of Eduardo De Filippo staged in one of the most evocative and majestic places in Amalfi. Double appointment at the Ancient Arsenal of the Republic with the show “Saturday Sunday and Monday“, Scheduled for1 and 2 October at 8pm by the company “Il Proscenio”. The event, as always with free … Read more

The ancient organ of Lallio resounds with jazz notes

How does a small town of 4,000 inhabitants in a Bergamo valley become a point of reference for music lovers? Everything stems from an organ located in the parish church of Lallio (Bergamo): not just any organ but a Bossi Urbani, built in 1889 by one of the greatest Italian organ builders. After the restoration … Read more

Rimini, Festival of the Ancient World: Sunday discussions around the war in Ukraine


On Sunday 17, at 9.30 pm, at the Lapidarium of the City Museum, Micòl Flammini, Elena Kostioukovich and Roberto Zicchitella analyze the strategies of consensus around the war in Ukraine. Between podcasts, non-stop news reports, audio and images on social media, the current wartime holds a very wide range of media attention. Which are not … Read more

Ancient ‘bear dog’ discovered in France named after child


With jaws equipped to tear meat from the bones of their prey, the extinct carnivores known as “bear dogs” were powerful predators that roamed Asia, southern Africa, Europe and America from the North more than 7.5 million years ago. . Today researchers unearthed the jawbone of one of these extinct carnivores in Europe’s Pyrenees mountain … Read more

Ancient and family recipes in La Comacina di Comacchio


S.and sit comfortably at the tables on the terrace boat of the Comacina, the restaurant in the heart of Comacchio (Fe) you can admire the historic Clock Tower reflected in the waters and, not far away, the masterpiece of the architect Luca Danese, the Trepponti, a spectacular seventeenth-century bridge overlooking the square of the same … Read more