Alzheimer’s, the disease in which the accompaniment of the family is of vital importance | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

Friday, September 23, 2022 | 11:30 a.m. World Alzheimer’s Day seeks to raise awareness and awareness about a disease that increasingly affects more people around the world. Globally, more than 55 million people (8.1% of women and 5.4% of men over 65) live with mental illness, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) … Read more

Museums and Alzheimer’s: Fondazione Musei Senesi proposes a series of appointments between care and culture | RadioSienaTv

For years engaged in cultural projects for fragile audiences, the Fondazione Musei Senesi also participates in the World Alzheimer’s Month culminating in the 21 September on World Alzheimer’s Day proposing four free appointments in museums of Siena and the territory dedicated to people living with dementia and their care givers. The activities and programs proposed … Read more

Alzheimer’s disease. “Sometimes, in the family, we are ashamed, we are in denial. We have to fight against that”


Maurice, 79, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease four years ago. His wife, Bernadette takes care of him on a daily basis. On this world day for the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, she has agreed to testify and recalls how important it is to be accompanied by specialized associations. These are small signs that alerted. “He … Read more

Matt Pokora: “My family has been affected by Alzheimer’s”


INTERVIEW – Sponsor committed to the Foundation for Medical Research, the singer talks about the fifth national campaign to appeal for donations. In France, 900,000 people are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. This rises to 2 to 3 million individuals directly concerned if caregivers are included. From September 16 to 21, the Foundation for Medical Research … Read more

When Alzheimer’s runs in the family, how can children overcome the fear of receiving the same diagnosis? | Orientation | Magazine


At the school pick-up area, Janet Pérez is always on the lookout for the neon orange backpack that makes her 6-year-old son, Jayden, so easy to spot. But one recent spring afternoon in Perris, California, he couldn’t find it. Her first response was instinctive: someone took him. Then she tried to remember what she was … Read more

Alzheimer’s: the disease triggered by the shingles and varicella virus?


In France, approximately 900,000 people are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. This neurodegenerative disease is characterized by: Memory problems; Disorders of executive functions; Orientation problems in time and space; Sometimes language or elaborate vision disorders. The mechanism of appearance of the disease is less and less mysterious. Scientists have thus been able to discover that the … Read more

Finding Your Laughter documents one family’s struggle with Alzheimer’s, and how comedy made that burden less of a burden.

CHICAGO—One day, Arlieta Hall’s father forgot that you don’t go to Best Buy to buy chairs; another day, he thought her brother was her younger brother. It was then that Arlieta realized that Alzheimer’s had struck the smartest man she knew. When Milton Hall Sr. was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and progressive dementia, he was … Read more