Daniel Franzese vs. Brendan Fraser in The Whale: “Why not choose a gay actor?”

2 min. of reading Among the most loved (and talked about) titles of Venezia79, The Whale is in pole position (here you can read our preview review). Darren Aronofsky’s latest film took home the hearts of audiences and critics alike, along with a standing ovation for Brandon Fraser’s performance, so acclaimed that he was already … Read more

Where to locate the original cameos of the actor in the film The Munsters

WARNING! This post contains SPOILERS for The Munsters (2022). Rob Zombie’s The Munsters movie brings back two of the original sitcom’s main actors for hidden cameos – here’s where to spot them. The Munsters (2022) follows iconic characters in Transylvania, with many familiar faces and new figures joining the Munster family in their campy romance. … Read more

Riverdale: an actor from the series sentenced to life in prison for having killed his mother with a bullet in the head!


Riverdale : the actor of the series Riverdale, who interprets Jeffery Augustine, was tried in British Columbia for the murder of his mother. We tell you everything! Riverdale: the series that is talking about her Series netflix develops on screen the story of Archie Andrews and his gang. After a very average fifth season in … Read more

Star Wars: this iconic actor is officially retiring


There are faces, objects, voices that become iconic in pop culture. The universe of Star Wars is invariably the one that has had the greatest impact on him over the past 40 years. The decorations, atmosphere, the action and the characters have shaped who we are today. Today, we learn that one of the major … Read more

The crossing of Bourvil (France 3): why did the actor hide his bone marrow cancer for so long?


Bourvil loved to fool around and made millions of viewers laugh with his funny naive roles. But behind this popular figure of French cinema (who hated Fernandel…) was hiding a modest and determined man. Today, Bourvil, whose friendship with Jean-Pierre Mocky was based on a misunderstanding, is without doubt one of the most endearing and … Read more

Game of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn joins 1923 cast | Pretty Reel


The cast of 1923, the next prequel series set in the world of Yellowstone, continues to grow. It has now been reported (via Deadline) that Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn has just joined the cast. In the series, Flynn will play Banner Creighton, a character described as “a hard-headed Scottish brogue and leader of … Read more

How to kill a main character of your series for the bad behavior of his actor


in the series The Goldbergs they had a hot potato in their hands. The media had revealed that actor Jeff Garlin, who played the patriarch of the family sitcom, was hell on the set. He did not respect the rest of the workers and, instead of apologizing, argued that it was his working method as … Read more

Overseas students in France: an actor from the “Ultra loin” series recounts the blues of remoteness


A large number of young people from overseas come to France every year to pursue their studies. The remoteness imposes an additional adaptation. The “Ultra loin” series humorously addresses several facets of this reality rarely brought to the screen. Gaudéric Maléjac, Thibaut in the series, tells us about his personal experience of this uprooting. La1ere’s … Read more

The Daval mystery: who is the actor who plays Jonathann Daval?


THE DAVAL MYSTERY. The TF1 TV movie “The Daval Mystery” looks back on the murder of Alexia Daval, committed by her husband in October 2017. Liam Baty plays the role of Jonathann Daval. Summary [Mis à jour le 12 septembre 2022 à 20h45] News items never cease to inspire television fiction. The murder of Alexia … Read more