Zuccotti, awarded the Ambrogino d’Oro: “I dedicate it to my family and to the serenity they give me”

Doctor Gian Vincenzo Zuccottia “senaghese doc”, as he defines himself, on December 7 will be awarded with the highest award from the Municipality of Milan: L’Golden Ambrose.

Who is Dr. Gianvincenzo Zuccotti

Director of the Buzzi Children’s Hospital in Milan and its department Pediatric, ad interim director of the Sacco pediatric clinic, professor of general and specialist paediatrics and chairman of the management committee – Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the State University of Milan. A forty-page curriculum describes the career undertaken by Dr. Gianvincenzo Zuccotti and his current activity, which is divided between hospital wards and university classrooms.

What did you think when they told you you were one of the winners of the Ambrogino d’Oro?

It was a great emotion, I must admit. We all know the importance of this recognition and so I’m really happy. It means that those who have evaluated the proposals they have received have considered that all the activities proposed for children and families that we have implemented in the health sector have been appreciated.

What was especially recognized by your work for Milan, in your opinion?

The work carried out has made it possible to offer Milan a hospital that can provide the greatest possible services for children and families.

An acknowledgment that in your opinion is linked to the commitment made even during the pandemic?

It is undeniable that the State University of Milan in this case took immediate action, from the first weeks of March 2020, to carry on all the activities and make the postgraduates operational immediately. Then we carried out saliva swabs and serological tests. La Statale has been largely involved in both the welfare and research fields: we were fourth in the world for scientific publications.

On December 7th he will collect the Ambrogino d’Oro. But who does he dedicate this recognition to?

It may seem like a sentence of circumstance, but in these cases the first thoughts and thanks can only go to my family. Fortunately, I have gone through all the steps of my career, sometimes they have been long and tiring, but I have always had the support of my wife and children by my side. When you have so many commitments it is necessary to feel serene when you return home. This is what my family has never let me lack: serenity.

An award that goes to her but that makes the whole city of Senago proud…

This makes me really happy. I wasn’t born in the city, I arrived at the age of 1 but I’m really attached to Senago. I feel like a true Senaghese and I’m proud to be able to represent my city too. Here, during some phases of the Covid-19 I was able to carry out serological tests directly in schools to evaluate and collect data on how many children had contracted the virus even without knowing it. I don’t often work on Senago, but I also work for Senago.

Mayor Beretta’s comment

Even the mayor Magda Beretta wanted to congratulate Dr. Zuccotti: “Once again Prof Zuccotti fills us with pride who with his great professionalism always brings the name of Senago to the top. A great recognition for a great personality of our territory An applause from all citizens”.

Zuccotti, awarded the Ambrogino d’Oro: “I dedicate it to my family and to the serenity they give me” – Prima Milano Ovest