Who are the Epps family? Inside “Seeking Sister Wife”, the star of the fourth season of Marcus Epps, the multiple scandals

Polygamy as a lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, but it works for some people. But when it comes to TLC’s “Seeking Sister Wife,” the point of the show is vague at best: while there are a few families who manage to make it work, they’re few and far between. If anything, the families on the show are subject to even greater scrutiny.

Previous seasons of the show saw Snowden air their dirty laundry in public and the problems never seemed to end. While the Snowden family won’t be returning this season, it looks like season 4 will still have its fair share of scandals, thanks to the Epps family.

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Who are the Epps family?

Marcus, Taryn, and India Epps are a polygamous family living in Miami, Florida. However, online reports claim that he is actually an Ohio Euclid adviser. For those of you trying to understand their dynamics: Marcus and Taryn are married, while Marcus is engaged in India. The trio is currently looking to raise their family. Marcus’ LinkedIn bio reads: “With a variety of backgrounds in multiple fields, I am a professional who efficiently executes any task to be performed. As the property manager, I was responsible for leasing as well as comprehensive rehabilitation and maintenance. I have reported directly to the owners locally and in California. ” He is a campaign manager and political strategist and has experience in retail management, commercial intermediation and business ownership. He currently works as a political consultant for Cuyahoga County. He is a graduate of Youngstown State University and holds a BA, in English / Language Arts Teacher Education. The family is active on social media and you can follow them @sisme_andhe on Instagram.

Is Marcus’ public image linked to scandals?

As reported by Cleveland 19 News, Marcus has been linked to an “illegal establishment” that has been operating in Cleveland for years. The institution is a “well-known after-hour club” and also the scene of a crime, as 19 News reported that a young mother was shot and killed there in 2020. The news channel also “got a video of Euclid city councilor Marcus Epps carrying another shooting victim out of the illegal nightclub that night. ” In the body cam footage, Marcus admits he has a “rent for the job”.

This isn’t the only scandal Marcus has been involved in, as YouTube commentary channel Backwoods Barbi reports that he is also accused of numerous housing violations, regarding duplexes he owns. This includes one of them igniting through negligence, while the connecting duplex is infested with rodents. However, as reported by 19 news, until January 2022 Marcus pleaded not guilty to the charges. He stated in the article that the whole issue was a political “witch hunt”. “When you are a person who does not respect party lines, this is the way Euclid operates. They have always been a bullying pit and a corrupt operation by the government and the police department, ”Marcus said.

With all that comes to light, the fate of the Epps family in “Seeking Sister Wife” remains unknown, with fans commenting on the Backwoods Barbi video that the network needs a more in-depth vetting process. “I live in Euclid, where this horrible man Marcus Epps is a counselor. The community’s Facebook page is very shocked to hear that our horrible advisor is now pretending to live in Miami and to be a social media influencer. lol what a joke this guy is His house is in ruins, he always yells at council meetings, presumably he owes city taxes, but drives around in an expensive SUV. wrote one fan “Take it off TV, they have to do a better job of investigating people before putting them on TV, they wouldn’t have this problem in the first place if they did!” he added another.

The fourth season of “Seeking Sister Wife” will debut Monday, June 6, 2022 at 10pm ET. You can watch the reality series on TLC.

Who are the Epps family? Inside “Seeking Sister Wife”, the star of the fourth season of Marcus Epps, the multiple scandals – Tebigeek