Videos | Family man “overheated” and insulted a teacher who scheduled the delivery of diplomas at the same time as Argentina vs. Mexico in Qatar 2022

The passion for football is red hot among the different fans who follow their teams in the Qatar 2022 World Cupso much so that some episodes are known on social networks that show what some fans are capable of doing, or not doing, in order to see the game of the team they love.

This is precisely the case of a father of a family in Argentina, who did not stop hiding his annoyance at the summons he received from his daughter’s school to receive a graduation diploma, just at the same time that the Lionel Messi’s team faces Mexico for the second date of Group C in the World Cup.

In the audio, posted on Twitter, the fan is heard totally out of control, to the point of insulting the teacher who scheduled the meeting and ensuring that it is clear that she does not like soccer; even, He assures that he will talk to other parents so that the meeting can be changed.

“I love you to infinity and beyond. You ask me for a kidney and I give it to you. Whatever you ask me, but don’t ask me this. I ask you please. I love you with all. I’m going to the gala, I went to the other, I’m going here. Don’t blow my balls up… I didn’t even go to get my college diploma, ask my grandfather. I suck a hue … the paper. I think it’s stupid, “ says the father of the family and fan of the Argentine team.

“I’m the only dad who likes soccer,” asks the fan, rather annoyed.

The audio, which is a voice note sent by WhatsApp, is accompanied by various texts in which the man He proposes to his daughter to write a letter signed by other parents to change the graduation date.

The student tries to explain that the event had been scheduled a long time ago and only three parents complained; In addition, he warns him that there is nothing to do and that he must attend the delivery of the diploma.

We will have to wait for Argentina and Mexico play to find out what the father of the family did And if he finally accompanied his daughter or He preferred to stay at home watching the match between the Latin American teams.

Predictions for the selection of Lionel Messi

In Argentina, they took the trouble to create a tool at the Institute of Calculation of the Research Center of the University of Buenos Aires and the Conicet, in which they analyzed the probabilities by crossing the statistical data of the teams participating in the World Cup, in order to get an accurate forecast of the teams that will qualify for the round of 16 of Qatar 2022 and to be able to analyze who is more likely to be champion.

And although in Argentina there is a lot of concern about the surprise loss against one of the weakest teams in the World Cup, Saudi Arabia, The mathematical calculation affirms that there is nothing to worry about, since the selection of that country has a 65.99% chance of qualifying for the next round. The highest percentage of their group, so the Albiceleste, under this forecast, would be in the round of 16 of the World Cup.

The study stated that Saudi Arabia is the second most likely team in the group to advance with 60%, while Mexico and Poland have 37% and 36%, respectively. However, a defeat for Argentina would end all this calculation, since the South American team would be automatically eliminated.

Videos | Family man “overheated” and insulted a teacher who scheduled the delivery of diplomas at the same time as Argentina vs. Mexico in Qatar 2022