Velletri, what a thrill the Ladybird Fashion Style at the Family Home in via Acqua Lucia

Humanity in its uniqueness! Great emotion also for the third of the events of the Ladybug fashion style, Saturday 10 September 2022. Starting from the entrance received in a royal way by Dr. Francesca Lolletti. The program schedule saw an impeccable presentation by Claudio and Federica who were able to manage the salient moments, the scene and program changes.

Thanks goes to the beautiful mother nature Federica Colonnelli, to the 4 splendid showgirls Giorgia, Viola, Roberta and Alessia. A special thanks to the guys from the La Coccinella di Velletri family home who were the center of the show, their catwalk with their wonderful electric blue and fuchsia clothes once again thrilled and enchanted the audience, proving that anything can be done if you want! All the operators of the Girasole Cooperative united in the full success of the event thanks to Marcella, Claudia, Monia, Eleonora, Luisa, Anna, Chiara, Daniela, Maria.

Thanks to the staff for the organization, scenography, lighting and gastronomy Fabrizio Marconi, Marco, Gianluca, Andrea. The models in their uniqueness all beautiful with their amazing dresses, Cinzia C., Eleonora S., Michela F., Doriana O., Stefania A.

An evening dedicated to an end to violence and discrimination, remembering that every human being is unique in its uniqueness united in everything. A warm and immense applause for the memories of Alessandra Matteuzzi killed with hammering in Bologna, Domenica Caligiuri killed with stabs in the province of Cosenza and full solidarity for Thomas attacked and stoned in Cisterna di Latina, reminded that humanity must be defended always!

The contributions of the social worker Federica Carugno and the Psychologist Stefania Angeli were exciting, spontaneous moments and food for thought. Great emotion and solidarity for the story of Graziella Pacifici who courageously managed to give voice to her pain for the domestic violence she suffered in the past, transforming her pain and her anger into her courage, into her desire to win and live . The contribution of Andrea Ciriaci has centered the sense of the theme of the evening “Uniqueness” in its transformation and in its becoming while remaining united.

Many institutions have been involved, starting with the Municipality of Velletri and the Ragione Lazio who have seen the family home grow believing in the project perhaps even before us, we also thank the Mayor of the Municipality of Cisterna Valentino Mantini who came to visit us for the first time.

A special thanks goes to Dr. Zulli in charge of the RSA1 of the Villa delle Querce di Nemi Nursing Home and to his Staff who have given their contributions with their heart and professionalism. The perfect organization and a perceived collaboration made the evening magical. … The entertainment of Giulia Orlandi and Marco Grassi enlivened the evening by marking the rhythm of emotions.

Thanks to Fabrizio Capretta vice president of Girasole for the video shooting and his contribution. Thanks to Cinzia Caponera, Antonella Quattrocchi and Tania Civitani for the organized charity raffle. The girls who dedicated themselves to the creation of the decorations Giorgia, Viola, Roberta and Alessia. To floral decorations, the fabulous baskets of roses made by Claudia Trinca.

A special thanks goes to the Zama company for their collaboration. The management of the event was very special, full of professionalism, full of emotion and joy with that pinch of fun that makes you think. May all be unique in need of giving and receiving Love! A really heartfelt thanks to everyone!

Let’s make an appointment for the next event for the Ladybug fashion style 4 winter “The heat that warms the world” the Green color of our mother Earth. Important will be the Living Nativity from 8 December where the protagonists will be the guests of the Family Home.

Velletri, what a thrill the Ladybird Fashion Style at the Family Home in via Acqua Lucia – Castelli Notizie