VdD experience: the strange nocturnal visit to a family from Huelva

There are many people who during sleep can experience what is called “sleep paralysis” or “night terrors”, an intense and unreal experience that belongs to the dream but seems real. However, there are others that are more lucid and cause doubt, especially when there is evidence that what they experienced was not a dream…

This is what happened to our witness, Paloma C. who wanted to contact me to see if there were answers to what had happened to her.. Sleep paralysis is usually defined as: “a disorder in which the person who suffers from it experiences an incomplete awakening. This phenomenon appears between the transition from sleep to wakefulness, either when the former falls asleep or when waking up”. Although it has many nuances and the case at hand could not be said to fit its definition.

She told us: “I was in the field we have on the outskirts of Huelva. We have spent a good part of the summer here because it is close to the beach, it has a swimming pool and it is very good. My husband, when he has had vacations, has been here and, at night, being already at work, he would leave and come back in the morning. It was one of those nights when what I am going to tell you happened to me,” Paloma began. “It would be five past twelve or ten o’clock. My husband had already left, because he came in at eleven o’clock to work. I watched TV for a while and then turned on the radio, which is how I usually fall asleep. I hadn’t fallen asleep yet and I put on my headphones (I always do it and that way I isolate myself from everything), and that’s when a very loud beep soundedSo much so that my ear hurt. Then I saw a great light in the window. I thought it could be a helicopter or something similar, because here it is difficult for a car to enter unless it is ours, and if it had been Paco [el marido]He would have warned me earlier. The thing is that it caught my attention and I went to the bedroom window to see what it was, but I didn’t see anything. I went back to bed and took off my headphones, in case I heard any noise. The house has alarms on doors and windows and it would have tripped. I walked around the house but there was nothing abnormal. I went back to bed, and then the worst happened”, said a face that evidenced the nervousness of the memory.

“I was lying down and watching what to put on television when a very large light entered the bedroom and I saw shapes, silhouettes, almost human, that were approaching me. I got very sleepy at that moment and half asleep I saw how two forms approached where I was. They were two beings with long arms and I could barely see, because the light bothered me, although the arms did catch my attention, and the features of the face, which were minimal: an opening, which I suppose was the mouth, and the large eyes. They came over, took my arm and poked me with something. It didn’t bother me, but I did notice it. Then one of them walked away and the other one put something on my forehead and after a few minutes he left me and that was gone. It’s just like it’s turned off and there’s nothing left. So, I recovered and sat up in bed. The first thing I did was touch my temple, which was where he put that device on me. Then I looked at my arm and it had something like a mosquito bite, but it wasn’t a bite. Come on, it looked perfect. I looked in the mirror and I did have a double ring on my temple, very strange. I called Paco to tell him what had happened to me and he told me that it would have been a dream but that he would look at the cameras in the house to see if anything had been recorded. He called me after a while and told me that the camera in the bedroom had been black for two hours. I looked at the clock and saw that it was not twelve and something but that it was already two in the morning, but I have no memory of having slept or that two hours had passed, “concluded the witness.

Sometimes it happens that this type of experience can be confused with that of “sleep paralysis” and with that these almost chimerical visions are justified. In the case of Paloma it could be one of them, but that does not justify the abnormal operation of the security camera in the bedroom, the apparent loss of time suffered by the witness-victim and the marks she had on her arm and forehead. What happened to Paloma? It may fit what is called VdD experience, more related to abductions and the ufological phenomenon -by the descriptions made- than anything else. However, in the opinion of the most skeptical, it would be nothing more than our own mental projections, fears, reactions to changes in our body or in the conditions of the room and that can be confused with “something real”.

In the case of Paloma, the marks, as well as a regressive hypnosis therapy, resulted in her experience being real and, based on the data provided, with more scope than might be supposed. Perhaps the impossible, on this occasion, is what best fits reality.

VdD experience: the strange nocturnal visit to a family from Huelva