Unmissable films about British royalty

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When it comes to “pop obsessions“often we mean the one for television series – or in modern times, shows to be enjoyed comfortably in streaming – which tell compelling stories, mythical or romantic, which transport tired minds, for a few hours, into the world of fantasy. Lately the podium hasn’t can only be won by The Crown, the Netflix series, which tells the life, behind the scenes and the vicissitudes of the English Royal Family. The narration, mainly centered on the figure of the Queen Elizabeth II , begins in 1947, with her marriage to Philip of Edinburgh, until the outbreak of the Suez crisis almost ten years later. In between, all the highlights of the beginning of the Queen’s monarchy, complete with Winston Churchill’s coronation and second term as Prime Minister. At the debut of the first season, the forecasts gave the series as “possibly lucky”. The reality of the facts was that millions and millions of viewers became so passionate about the story that the series won seven Golden Globes and eight Emmy Awards, as well as a well-deserved sixteenth place among the 100 best series of the 21st century according to the BBC. The years pass but the interest in the real figures never wanes: there are those who say they have already concluded the fifth season of The Crown – released on November 9, 2022 – and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the sixth. In the meantime, it serves to fill the void left by the Royals, dramas at Buckingham Palace and historical events. So here are five films selected by Harper’s Bazaar on the picturesque English Royal world, not to be missed and watched immediately.

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The best films about the British Royal Family: Elizabeth

Of Cate Blanchett’s makeup in Elizabeth, a 1998 film, is still talked about today. Very white and icy, as only Queen Elizabeth I was described, a woman symbol of a country that was advancing towards definitive change and of a figure that has become synonymous with strength and determination. Directed by Shekhar Kapur and written by Michael Hirst, this film is the first name on the list. Unmissable and scenographically captivating, the story follows a young Elizabeth I who begins her monarchy following the death of her sister Mary of Scotland. It is no coincidence that the film received seven nominations for Oscar – and Cate Blanchett took the Golden Globe for Best Actress -.


The best films about the British Royal Family: The King’s Speech

There are several reasons why The king’s speech it is considered a masterpiece film. First of all, the performances of Colin Firth, who plays the protagonist King George VI, and Helena Bonham Carter who gives life to the character of Queen Elizabeth II. A singular and familiar look at palace life during the reign of George VI – which boasts the first coronation broadcast on the radio and recorded for private reproduction by the BCC -. The film revolves around the first speech that the king had to make on the radio, announcing the victory over Germany in 1939. The beauty of the plot lies in the truthfulness and simplicity with which King George VI’s stammering is presented, showing the more fragile side of a figure generally regarded as an impeccable politician. The friendship that is established with the therapist – played by Geoffry Rush -, the difficulties, the success and all that was life at the Palazzo, make this cinematic masterpiece a must see – or review -.


The best films about the British Royal Family: Spencer

When the release of Spencer with Kristen Stewart public opinion split in two. Who admired the choice of the actress and the subject of her and who, on the contrary, turned up her nose, foreseeing a flop. But Pablo Larraín, the director, never doubted her project. Concentrated on exactly three days, during Christmas 1991, Princess Diana it is presented from a new perspective, more psychologically dramatic than usual. A profound crisis of a figure who still speaks for the intricate psychology and personality. The whole is seasoned with an inestimable collection of Chane vintage suitsl that make the transformation of the actress into Lady D.


The best films about the British Royal Family: The Favorite

An English dark comedy, between political friendships, real intertwining and dangerous relationships. This film starring Emma Stone, Joe Alwyn, Rachel Weisz and Olivia Coleman – who plays an infamous Queen Anne – received ten Oscar nominations. Creative, fun and charming, despite that The Favorite both a recent film, it manages to earn a place in the classic of the best real films of all time.


The best films about the British Royal Family: The Queen

There is little to add when Helen Mirren plays Queen Elizabeth II. The screen belongs to her, in every scene, in every situation. The decisive face, the marked expressions, the silence of a true Queen. All set the week after Lady Diana’s death. Mirren’s Queen Elizabeth II is flawless, glacial in command of a country in revolt.

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Unmissable films about British royalty