Underworld relationships in the family and the “more likely than not” principle. Interdictive against an entrepreneur from Catanzaro

It is signed by the Prefect Maria Teresa Cucinotta the interdictive anti-mafia borne by the New Group Srls with registered office in Lamezia Terme, issued taking into account the elements collected by the Prefecture itself.

A disqualification that has yet to be discussed on the merits by the administrative judges of the Calabria TAR who at the moment, however, have not granted the suspension, confirming the preliminary findings of the Prefecture.

The provision states that the company New Group Srls is composed as follows “Giglio Michele Roberto, majority shareholder and sole director, Cristian Costanzo (1978) shareholder and Nicola Madia (1976) shareholder “.

Criminal proceedings not linked to organized crime but oriented to the exchange vote of Angela De Feo (mother director of the company)

In the administrative reserve it is specified that “From the preliminary findings acquired on the account of Angela De Feo, cohabiting mother of Giglio Michele Roberto, it appears that she has several criminal proceedings not connected to organized crime, includes reporting pursuant to 416 ter of the Criminal Code for electoral exchange of Mafia politicians for having tried to involve, through the outlay of money, exponents of organized crime in Crotone and Lametine in order to obtain votes on the occasions of the 2005 regional authorities. ‘notice of conclusion of the investigations and was referred, together with other subjects intraneous and contiguous to organized crime, for the crime envisaged by 416 ter of the criminal code because, with the help and intermediation of Romolo Villirillo, she accepted the promise that votes were obtained through the methods referred to in the third paragraph of article 416-bis in exchange for disbursement of money. For this purpose, she gave 50 thousand euros to Pasquale Giampà, a member of the “commission” of the Giampà clan “

The words of the former killer Gennaro Pulice and the “protection” requested by the Giglio-De Feo family from the Grande Aracri clan

The Prefecture still writes “Gennaro Pulice, former killer and now a collaborator of justice, says he had to deal with De Feo since after his release he undertook an entrepreneurial activity by actually taking over a nightclub. During the management he tried to put in place actions to disturb the activities that he considered competitive and that is the nightclub called “Terzo Millennio” owned by the lady’s family. Subsequently “to protect” precisely of Mrs. De Feo, Villirillo intervened, who asked Pulice to “avoid such attitudes” towards De Feo, this demonstrates the closeness between the clan of Cutro headed by Nicolino Grande Aracri and the entrepreneur

The Giglio-De Feo family, to counter the requests of the Gaglianesi clan, did not call the police but the bosses of the Crotone underworld. The “pax reached” with the Gaglianesi

According to the investigative work carried out by the offices of the Prefecture “The relations between the Giglio family and the Caln dei Gaglianesi had already been highlighted during the Revenge operation. The family was the object of extortion requests from the clan and to be protected they turned to Nicolino Grande Aracri. From the report from the Dia of August 2020 it emerges that in the end the De Feo – Giglio family found a sort of agreement with the Gaglianesi, for example through the exchange of checks “.

The document then reconstructs the entire affair that led to the Low Profile operation in which Michele Giglio’s sister Glenda was involved due to her intense relationships (according to the public prosecutor’s offices) with the entrepreneur Antonio Gallo.

The assumptions of the danger of mafia permeability

Before the conclusions we read in the document “The concept of attempted mafia infiltration does not necessarily presuppose the definitive ascertainment of criminal responsibility of business owners, as it is sufficient that from the information acquired it is possible to deduce a circumstantial framework which, overall understood, but in any case plausible, is symptomatic of the danger of any connection between business and organized crime “.

When Michele Giglio “let himself be defended” by the convicted Vitaliano Bianco

Among the reasons then the Prefecture reports “Michele Giglio appears to have friendly relations with Vitaliano Bianco, who has significant police precedents for violation of article 416 bis and is involved in the” Revenge “operation, as considered by the investigators” trusted man of the boss Anselmo Di Bona “, for which he acted as a collector of sums of money from extortion”. Relations are such that on the occasion of a meeting between Michele Giglio and some relatives, which resulted in a violent altercation, Giglio shows up with Vitaliano Bianco ”.

The conclusions of the Prefecture

Having taken note of the opinion given by the GIA on 23 September 2021 which it considers “Turn out “The most likely not” that the company is permeable and conditioned by organized crime, given the numerous relationships that emerged between the family members of the sole director, also cohabiting with organized crime and that therefore the conditions exist for the issuance of the disqualification measure “

Underworld relationships in the family and the “more likely than not” principle. Interdictive against an entrepreneur from Catanzaro – CatanzaroInforma