Three hundred “hands outstretched” to help little Aurora. The family: «We thank every single person»

The outstretched hands were, perhaps unexpectedly, many. But now it is also thanks to them that Aurora has one more hope. The fundraising launched to support the care and needs of the two-year-old girl who was diagnosed with type B acute lymphoblastic leukemia on 1 July last will end on Tuesday 20 September with a charity dinner.

Right from the start, when on August 31st the baby’s mother started the collection on Facebook, the responses were numerous. In the end, in just 8 days – the social media initiative ended on 7 September – over 7,700 euros were raised, put together thanks to almost 300 donations. In addition to this, several businesses in the city have exhibited piggy banks that will remain usable until September 20.

“We weren’t expecting much feedback,” says Vanessa, Aurora’s mother. «It means that we are dear to many people. There were many people who donated on Facebook within a few hours and many who contacted us. There are also many activities that have been organized to obtain piggy banks and tags. We would like to thank everyone, every single person, for having contributed… thank you! ” Vanessa is also keen to say on behalf of her husband Leonardo.

«My husband and I – he continues – thought for a long time before starting this fundraiser and we decided after many discussions. We did it because living in this situation is not easy at all, we found ourselves catapulted into a reality that did not belong to us, in which we felt disoriented and terrified, with greater economic costs than we could have faced ».

Meanwhile, Aurora has begun treatment. “He’s following protocol, he’s ‘fine’ and we’re keeping the situation under control thanks to the support of the doctors,” says Vanessa.

“In these days we have started collecting piggy banks and we will conclude this collection with the charity dinner to be held on Tuesday 20 September” adds the mother. “We hope to be able to meet you there that evening to be able to thank you in person and take the opportunity to introduce you to Aurora,” she says, turning to all those who have offered their help. «We kindly ask you not to greet us with kisses and hugs because Aurora cannot have contact with anyone… in fact it will be an exception to be there. A special thanks goes to Flora Roselli for making herself available for the production and distribution of the plates for all the activities and to Elio Lafiandra for having conceived, conceived and created the charity dinner. All this is also thanks to you ».

The charity dinner will be held on Tuesday 20 September starting at 9 pm at “La belle vie” on via Trani Ss 378. The proceeds will be entirely donated to help Aurora’s family to bear all the costs of healing. During the evening, which costs 25 euros, the comedian Pino Fusco will be a guest. There will also be a dance school and entertainment show for children by Euphoria and Group Animation. For info and reservations, you can contact DiLà at 347.9551697.

Saturday 17 September 2022

Three hundred “hands outstretched” to help little Aurora. The family: «We thank every single person» –