This lost dog reunites with his family after a year (and that’s the most exciting thing you’ll see today)

After almost a year, a family has finally managed to track down their dog. All thanks to the microchip of the animal and the reports. Their meeting after all these months is something moving

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He was lost last November, disappearing from his home in Florida and since then his family has never stopped looking for him, hoping from the bottom of their hearts that one day he could hold his Conway tightly in his arms, this is the name of the doga gray and white Amstaff.

And that wish eventually came true when just recently the police officers of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office they found a stray dog ​​wandering a block. The visibly emaciated and suffering animal turned out to be very friendly and sweet and, even when the police put him on a leash, he showed no reluctance.

These are usually the signs that suggest it is a house dog. The definitive confirmation, however, came from the control of the microchip. The dog, regularly microchipped, had a family.

So the feds didn’t wait a minute longer and got in touch with the contact details on the chip. The family, incredulous of that phone call just received, rushed to the police office.

Already from the room where he awaited Conway’s arrival he could not hold back his joy and tears. Conway also seemed to have recognized those voices that echo in the house. Wagging his tail, he rushed towards his beloved human friends.

Conway reunited with his family thanks to the reports, the intervention of the police, but mainly thanks to the microchip. If he hadn’t had it, it would have been hard to trace his owner to say the least.

In addition to being required by law the microchip is a gesture of love to protect your pet. So let’s not forget to register our four-legged friend in the canine registry.

Source: Highlands County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

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This lost dog reunites with his family after a year (and that’s the most exciting thing you’ll see today)