The World Cup is approaching: top player under pressure, the family intervenes

The approach of the World Cup in Qatar increases the pressure on the shoulders of the football star: even in the family there is no talk of anything else.

For one of the most anticipated names in the most anticipated competition in the world of football, the pressure was already very high, the inexorable approach of the World it is further increasing it: even in the family the argument is just that.

The Lusail Iconic Stadium, where the Qatar 2022 final will be held [Credit_ Pixabay] –

There is now very little time left and the way to one of the World Cup most discussed in recent football history will have its official way. With the decrease of the time at the first kick-off, that of the match between Qatar and Ecuador, the controversies grow inversely. From the lack of respect for human rights in the host nation, with the latest statements by the ambassador of the Khalid Salman World Cup to make everything worse, to the question of the workers who died during the construction of the stadiums, the conditions for the Qatari event are not the best.

From a sporting point of view, things are certainly not better. The need to restrict the first phase of the season has led to an evident overload of matches which, as is inevitable, has led to an infinite series of injuries that are excluding from the World many stars or who, in some cases, are still leading the teams to have decidedly unclear situations in the squad.

The only constant seem to be those players who since the end of the World in Russia of 2018 were indicated as the most anticipated, precisely for one of them in particular the pressure is skyrocketing and even in the family there is nothing else to talk about.

Win or go home, for someone this World Cup knows it is now or never

Ronaldo And Messi, the question, as for 15 years now, is resolved in a duel between these two players. The identity cards speak for themselves, the age of these two timeless phenomena dictates that the one in Qatar it will be the last great opportunity to take home the most coveted of the cups, the last train to enter once more in the legend.

The dream of a final between Argentina And Portugalresulting in a head-on clash between the two heavyweights, has been traveling in the minds of all fans for several months now and yet, judging by the different opinions about the Worldone of the two has a lot more pressure than the other and this is it Lionel Messi: to confirm this he thought of it himself, telling a nice family anecdote.

Leo Messi, star of Argentina [Credit: ANSA] -
Leo Messi, star of Argentina [Credit: ANSA] –

“My son at home Thiago continuously watch the videos of the National he recounted the phenomenon of Argentina which he then added: “He’s putting incredible pressure on me.” Sure, the little one Thiago is not the only one, from the parts of Buenos Aires many are asking the Flea to bring back that trophy that has been missing since 1986 and thus reach Olympus where he is sitting Diego Maradona.

The pressure for Messi it has never been a problem except with the national team. His fluctuating relationship with thealbiceleste it is not new but the Copa America won last summer, it definitely gives the group a boost, precisely that push that, perhaps, is still missing from the eternal rival.

Put under pressure, but also for CR7 Qatar has a different flavor

Cristiano Ronaldo, star of Portugal [Credit: ANSA] -
Cristiano Ronaldo, star of Portugal [Credit: ANSA] –

It is useless to go around it, the distance challenge in Qatar it will be between these two eternal champions and whoever wins, if one of them succeeds, will forever be remembered as better than the other, or at least considerably close to this goal.

If for Messi the pressure is, also for this reason, at levels never reached before, too Ronaldo he has to deal with expectations and more. The season is not with it United obliges him to have to redeem himself in Qatar but the possible not excellent condition risks conditioning him and not a little. What is approaching will therefore be a very hot November (and December), like never before in the world of football.

The World Cup is approaching: top player under pressure, the family intervenes