The Servières (large families) atomized because of their incoherent way of life!

On April 14, 2022, Ihe Servières tribe made a remarkable entrance in the program of Large families: life in XXL. Encouraged by their loved ones, Laetitia and Sébastien Servières, the happy parents of eight children, have decided to share their daily life as a large family with one and the same objective: to prove that with organization and a few tips, an XXL tribe could perfectly flourish with an XXS budget.

It is with a baby bump that Laetitia had appeared in front of the cameras of TF1. Indeed, then pregnant with her ninth childthe mother had opened the doors of her daily life.

Les Servières welcomes a 9ᵉ child

“The most beautiful things come in small packages. Packed in joy. Filled with kindness. And sent with love. We are proud to announce the arrival of our baby due in early July; ” had captioned the future mother under a photo of her small rounded belly, on which his hands and those of the dad formed a heart.

Thus, on Saturday July 2, the Servières family welcomed its ninth member: a little boy named Loëvann. There were already 8 of them: Maëva, Maëlys, Mandy, Leny, Manaëlle, Melya, Milyana and Léo, aged 17 to 1 year.

Since their arrival in the program, the Servières have tasted the small advantages and the great disadvantages of celebrity. And among them the cash messages of some Internet users.

Large Families are back!

The large families the most famous of the PAF were back this Thursday, September 15 on TF1.

Like every day, the first episode of Large families was a rerun of the day before. A moving moment that followed the Cordule family during Justine’s last ultrasound. Thus, the mother of the family could be reassured, her little girl is in perfect health. On the side of the new episode of the day, the families Colas, Provenchère, González and Servieres were honoured. And the least we can say is that the daily life of these XXL tribes was particularly hectic.

Viewers were thus able to follow a classic Sunday at mass for the Colas family, and the very first anniversary of the triplets of Laetitia Provenchere. This widow who raises her four children alone wanted to celebrate this special day with her mother and sister. It was a sacred moment when this young mother wanted to prove that she managed to survive and raise her family, despite the tragic death of her husband.

Young Margot Gonzalez’s surprise birthday party was also in the spotlight. A stressful moment for the young girl because her parents were meeting her boyfriend for the first time. Fortunately, joy and good humor were there!

The Servières annoy the web

But if there is a large family that rocked the web, it is the Servières family!

The least we can say is that this XXL tribe with an “XXS budget” does not unanimity among Internet users. In front of the cameras, Laëtitia and Sébastien Servières had a big announcement to make to their children. They gathered them all together to warn them that they would be going on a trip to the zoo the next day and sold it ” like it’s disneyland“… Enough to create the buzz on Twitter!

Indeed, many Internet users have deplored the fact that the Servières ” tighten their belts, count penny by penny, can’t do a lot of things“, but still have “ consoles and a huge TV“.

Some of them mentioned a possible ” back to school bonus which could have been used to afford these gadgets.

Be that as it may, this way of life does not attract the favors of Twittos, some of whom have asked why they have “so many children” when they restrict themselves to everything. Moreover, Twitter subscribers think that the children of Laëtitia and Sébastien Servières do not do enough activities.

The Servières (large families) atomized because of their incoherent way of life!