The secret of the Greco family: The terrifying Netflix series that replaced Dahmer

‘Dirty laundry is washed at home’, you’ve probably heard this phrase at some point, but in the case of the Greco familyIt was a latent reality.

The secret of the Greco family takes us into the life of an apparently ‘perfect’ family, which at first glance, we might think are ordinary people who go shopping during the day, meet with friends and kindly greet their neighbors, but what the world What he doesn’t know is that they maintain their socioeconomic level in a peculiar way… by kidnapping wealthy people.

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What is the cast of The Greco Family Secret?

Fernando Colunga returns to acting with Netflix.Netflix

The production, at the hands of the director Alexander Cianciotransports us to the 80s in this installment recorded in Mexico and Argentina and inspired by real factswhich has a cast made up almost entirely of mexican actors who are part of this plot, we share with you who are the interpreters who give life to these gloomy characters.

Fernando Colunga

The actor who rose to fame thanks to the world of soap operas, including some like María la del Barrio, Soy tu dueña and La usurpadora, returns to acting to play the patriarch, Achilles Greco, a man who hides great secrets and who will do whatever it takes to maintain his family’s status at all costs.

Manuel Masalva

The actor previously known for his participation in series such as Narcos: Mexico and La Guzmán, will be the one who gives life to one of the children of the couple, Andres Greco.

lisa owen

For the winner of ariel awardthe world of crime is not something alien, since thanks to her role as Doña Alba in the series El Señor de los Cielos, the Mexican actress already has experience within the genre, and on this occasion, she will be the one who plays the role of Marthathe wife and accomplice of Achilleswho often chooses to go about their daily lives and ignore what is actually going on inside their home.

Rafael Ferro

the argentinian actorborn in Buenos Aires, has previously been nominated for a Sur Award for Best Supporting Actor, as well as a Martín Fierro Award for Best Lead Actor, and in this production he will be one of the characters that link the series with Argentina, playing the role of Lush.

Antonio de la Vega

The actor recognized for his participation in installments such as Club de Cuervos and El Señor de los Cielos, also joins the cast of this project as Hugo Carrenoa character attached to the Jalisco police force.

Alejandro Hoyos

The actor has been involved in projects like Perfect Obedience and Monarch, so the plots full of secrets are something with which he is already familiar. Within this installment, he has the role of Dario Greco, a young man who finds himself in need of returning to Mexico on his father’s orders, where he will discover the true meaning of having dirty hands.

Samantha Siqueiros

For the Mexican actress, this project also represents a leap into a new genre, since she has previously participated in productions designed for a very different audience, such as her performance as Victoria Franco in the Nickelodeon series, Vikki RPM. Within this chilling plot, siqueiros will be playing Sabrina Grecothe daughter of the Grecos, unlike the rest, her family’s unofficial activities are unexplored ground.

What is the real story behind The Greco Family Secret?

Fernando Colunga will star in El Secreto de la Familia Greco.Netflix

The secret of the Greco family: The terrifying Netflix series that replaced Dahmer