The plenary session of Seville promotes the creation of a ‘Family Card’ and the ‘Maternity Check’ at the request of the PP

The motion contained a plan with tax reductions for people in vulnerable situations


The plenary session of the Seville City Council, in the ordinary session held this Thursday, has approved six of the seven points contained in the PP motion regarding the adoption of fiscal measures to help Seville families due to the “serious crisis” of these moments and that has been put to the vote.

In this sense, a reduction in municipal rates was proposed, especially those that affect the most disadvantaged families, as well as maintaining the reduction in bus rates “until the price of fuel is within bearable parameters for the pocket of the families.”

In addition, the motion contemplated the creation of a ‘Family Card’ as an economic benefit in order to cover basic needs such as food, cleaning and hygiene for individuals and families who are in a situation of vulnerability, as well as an increase in the aid for school material and the lowering of fees for municipal sports schools, providing for free in cases of greater vulnerability.

Both the ‘Family Card’ and the ‘Maternity check’ of 500 euros per month until the term of pregnancy for pregnant women who are at risk of social exclusion have had the vote against the socialist municipal group, although both issues have come forward thanks to the majority support of the rest of the political formations.

Precisely, this fact has led to the debate between the councilors of the PP José Luis García and the PSOE Sonia Gaya. The first has questioned him that this circumstance “must be reminded of the mothers, since they have voted against granting them 500 euros per month until the end of the pregnancy”, in the cases in which they are immersed within a vulnerable group.

For her part, Gaya has criticized the PP’s “potpourri motion” for its “demagogic” character. “They should urge the Board beforehand to lower the prices of public kitchens in the period from zero to three years”; he has added he. Likewise, the socialist councilor has reminded the PP that “in the face of the tax increase from 2011 to 2015 that the Popular Party made when it governed Seville, we have maintained them, with which families keep in their pockets the money that they would spend on the climb; on the rest of the points we have voted in favor because we believe there is room for improvement”.

The third point has also gone ahead, which sought to provide more personnel and more resources to the Social Work Units (UTS) in order to avoid long waiting lists and thus be able to serve families more quickly and efficiently. needy in the city.

On the contrary, the proposal to grant economic aid of 500 euros for birth or adoption and special aid of a greater amount (1,000 euros) in the case of disability has been rejected with the votes against PSOE, Adelante and that of the councilor no attached, Sandra Heredia.

The plenary session of Seville promotes the creation of a ‘Family Card’ and the ‘Maternity Check’ at the request of the PP