The night a man murdered his entire family and caused a shock in Colombia

Eight years ago, Juan Hernández was only 12 when he had to watch as his father repeatedly plunged a machete into his mother’s body and in that of his brothers. Unhealthy jealousy came into the life of a 49-year-old man on the night of November 9, 2013, when he cruelly and blinded by rage lashed out at Jenny Lozada, 35, and the minors Mateo, 6, and Brayan. , 9 years old.

The protagonists of the bloody night were the screams of terror that came from the house located in the San José neighborhood, in Bosa, Colombia. It was about seven hours in which Juan yelled over and over again to help his mother and brothers; nevertheless, a few minutes after 11 p.m. that day there was no cry or help that could save the family.

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“It was a police mistake. The switches were covered in blood because the children must have tried to turn on the light. They called Doña Nieves, a neighbor. All night, the neighbors heard how they were asking for help, and the police did not enter,” said Yanive Lozada, the victim’s sister and who lived just a few blocks from the house where Hernando Hernández Patiño killed Jenny and her nephews. .

That night it seems as if the book was already written for Jenny, Mateo and Brayan. According to the investigators, who tried to reconstruct the crime scene minute by minute, Hernando would have waited until the house was dark to sneak into the room where the children slept, there he made desperate and irregular cuts on the body of María Paula, a Jenny’s niece who had arrived from Huila and found her death at her aunt’s house.

Then he moved on with his own children. However, terror had already taken over the house, screams had filled the space and María Paula’s blood had already slipped on the ceramic floor of the second floor of the house. The noise of the night woke up Jenny, who quickly asked Juan to call the Police to try to save her children. Nevertheless, the man almost possessed by a demon had already taken two lives: María Paula and Brayan. Then followed Mateo, the younger brother, who died trying to defend his mother, or so the murderer believed.

Finally, he killed Jenny, his great love, who was about to leave him, according to him, for running after another man. Everything that happened that night is a memory that Juan, the only survivor, still feels alive. and who did the impossible to save his mother and little brothers.

The murderer on trial (Twitter @CableNoticias)
The murderer on trial (Twitter @CableNoticias)TWITTER: CABLE NEWS – Europa Press

“When the boy talked about it, he says that what makes him angry is that he was fed up calling them for a long time because he wanted to get the brothers out the door quickly to ask for help for his mother,” Yanive Lozada told TIME at the time. After a few hours, the massacre at Bosa’s house had already been consummated and before sunrise, around 6 in the morning, the murderer rested, opened a slight wound on his neck with the same machete, he threw on the ground and joined the red stain as if things were over.

But it was not like that. According to reports from that time, a police officer tried to enter the Hernández family home without success. And although the curtains, full of blood, drew the silhouette of a massacre that had ended just a few hours ago, the neighbors said that the uniformed man hardly insisted.

But it was as if the tragedy was planned to go on for hours. When the firefighters managed to enter the house, they removed the bodies of Mateo, Juan and Hernando alive; all dying, injured and with the trace of what had been a true night of terror that broke out for no apparent reason. Like a theatrical performance of a tragedy, outside the house, neighbors listened and watched what was happening inside; screams, blows and blood. Undaunted, no one did anything, but all of them, as a neighbor who witnessed the events narrated, were ready to lynch the man once he was out of the house. The question, what for? He never went out the door, on the contrary, he did it through a window, dying and with the life of his two children on the edge of the machete.

The ambulances sped up, but when they managed to reach Kennedy Hospital, there was already one more dead; little Brayan was gone. United by what they had seen and done that night, both on different shores, Juan and Hernando were admitted to the emergency room. Although both were saved, each would have a different fate. Hernando was sent to La Modelo to pay for his crimes; Instead, Juan, although recovered from his physical injuries, had a slow process to understand what had happened that night of November 9.

“Aunt, tell the doctor to give my mom a letter, to write to her that she has a sick child, because I’ve heard that when parents have a child like that they give them permission.” He always believed that his mother was working, Yanive said.

The event shocked all of Colombia
The event shocked all of ColombiaTime

“I went into the store to choose the things for lunch and began to look at some yogurt that the children liked. That’s when a lady came in and said: ‘it seems that the man over there went crazy and even killed his sister-in-law.’ When I listened, I felt that it disarmed me, something told me it was for me ”. This is how Yanive found out about the death of his family.

When he arrived at his sister’s house, everything was covered in blood, he says, and even the faces of the CTI agents and the Police showed the horror of what had happened the night before. Yanive recalled that after everything she was able to talk to Hernando, who assured her that what had happened was the fault of the other man, with whom Jenny had fallen in love, and that no one else could enjoy their children if it wasn’t him.

Those were the words that sealed the deaths that night. The butcher man who perishes in jail was never heard from again, and it is known that Juan took a long time to assimilate him; that the words left him; that he asked many days about his mother and his brothers; but above all, that he decided to eliminate the word dad, or murderer, in this case, from his voice.

*By Jonathan Toro

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The night a man murdered his entire family and caused a shock in Colombia