The moving message with which Blanca Arellano’s family confirmed that she was murdered in Peru

The femicide of Blanca Arellano Gutiérrez in Peru It has impacted both nations. And although many clues pointed to the fact that the remains found on a beach in Huacho belonged to the Mexican, the DNA sample confirmed it just this Wednesday.

after the news, Karla Arellano, Blanca’s niece He has published an emotional message to say goodbye to his aunt and to ask for respect for his family at this difficult time.

“With our hearts and lives in pieces we confirm that our beloved aunt Blanca Arellano has been identified as dead. We ask our family for respect and discretion in these difficult times, we have no words to express what we are experiencing,” the young woman wrote on social networks.

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Karla asked to remember Blanca Arellano as the kind and loving person she was and informed that her family is already awaiting the arrival of her remains in Mexico.

“My aunt was a kind, warm, light-filled, intelligent, dedicated, loving person and that is how she should be remembered. Your family is waiting for you back, but never how we would have imagined it, “she added.

This Tuesday, during the hearing of connection to the process of Pablo Villafuerte Pinto, The judge handling the case emphasized that without Karla Arellano’s complaint on social networks, the remains of the Mexican would probably continue as unidentified and the crime would go unpunished.

“I don’t want to call it luck because that would be reckless, but today we have had the opportunity to identify my aunt and take a big step in justice that is still beginning, I can’t stop thinking about all the families that have not had that opportunity. My heart and solidarity with all of you, ”added Karla, who reported the disappearance of Blanca Arellano and her contact with Pablo Villafuerte after losing contact with her.

“I want to thank all the authorities who have supported us as a family at all times, the Prosecutor’s Office who, together with the corresponding Doctors, worked on the identification process and to achieve preventive detention for the main suspect,” he said regarding the link to the process of Pablo Villafuerte for the femicide of the Mexican.

In addition, he thanked the support to disseminate the case: “I also want to thank the media that have helped to disseminate the case and thank the people who have shown solidarity from day one by sending information and messages of support, expressions of affection that they comfort us in these moments, but this does not end here ”.

“Today we are your voice, aunt, a voice that they decided to silence and we ask for justice! We believe in Peruvian laws and we fully trust the authorities to make it happen as they have done an impeccable job so far. It is time to raise your voice and ask for #JusticiaParaBlanca ”, she concluded.


The moving message with which Blanca Arellano’s family confirmed that she was murdered in Peru