The ‘key’ between family and school, to educate, makes a difference in the academic results of children and young people

The pandemic, among many things, showed us the importance of families in education and, in most cases, how little involved they were with their daughters and sons’ school. Although this had to change due to the need of the moment, the truth is that today we have the opportunity not to lose that approach.; it is time to strengthen it and build a lasting alliance.

Every day there is more evidence about the positive impact that joint work between fathers, mothers, has on students. caregivers and the school, and the fundamental aspects to carry out a job in key: we call it Alianza Familia Colegio.

This strategic model, which should not be lost sight of, is characterized by the fact that it establishes relationships of trust and carerecognizes the other (father, mother, teacher, youth, etc.) as someone who enriches the work in progress, assumes the education of a student as a responsibility that is shared and maintains coherence between saying and doing.

But to carry out this work it is necessary that the school, the child development center and the educational community in general, build a shared vision of education and the roles of each member.

Likewise, relationships of trust and mutual care must be created, explicitly and intentionally.maintain two-way communication, and ensure processes of broad and real participation.

The value of diversity

Today it is proven that diversity is a factor that strengthens the Alianza Familia Colegio because it allows people of different cultures, training, origin or role, to feel identified, belonging and proud of a shared construction, and in a country like Colombia, under the current situation of migration, this is a decisive factor.

In this point It is essential that each educational community build its own alliances so that they meet the needs and interests of its members. The objective is to create an environment of trust and alignment, and to maintain a constant improvement of participation plans and strategies.

Children and young people can better develop their potential if parents and teachers participate in their training. – Photo: Forums Week

To make that build you have to know the families, include the voice of the students and the context, develop, appropriate and disseminate resources, something similar to what Red PaPaz doeswhich provides answers to day-to-day concerns, to articulate and strengthen work and learning in a network among the families themselves, to be part of broader processes, to be in permanent learning in this field that is in full development, and to recognize and document lessons learned and best practices.

The Alianza Familia Colegio has many benefits that are widely recognized, not only in academic development, but also particularly in the socio-emotional aspect. But this Alliance will not occur spontaneously, it requires a planned and sustained effort that will give it continuity in the long term. In conclusion, it is key that the actors involved, from their various roles, take advantage of the ideas raised and ensure that this process is in the DNA of the entire educational community.

The ‘key’ between family and school, to educate, makes a difference in the academic results of children and young people