The gang of the former custodian of Lacalle Pou negotiated forged Uruguayan passports for the family of an Arab sheikh

Notary public Álvaro Fernández is one of the four defendants linked to the alleged criminal gang led by Alejandro Astesiano, the former custodian of Luis Lacalle Pou (AFP)

the scribe Alvaro Fernandez, involved in the network of falsification of Russian documents made up of the former custodian of Luis Lacalle Pou, would have negotiated with a Pakistani false Uruguayan passports for the family of a arab sheikh, As reported The country.

The quote offered by the notary was $120,000 dollars for the passport of the sheikh’s wife and $50,000 for that of their children. This information emerges from the chats recovered from Fernández’s cell phone, currently in the hands of the prosecutor in the case, Gabriela Fossati.

The contact between the Pakistani and the notary began on May 12, 2022, when the Arab told the Uruguayan who had given him his contact and, from that, they began a conversation to process Uruguayan citizenship.

“I explain. The first thing is to analyze the documents. Then translate them and then prepare everything,” said Fernández. “Preparing everything means having the papers translated by a public translator registered in the country and then obtaining the credential. You have to manage it afterwards, ”she added.

The Arab, for his part, asked his Uruguayan contact several questions regarding the procedure: what “credential” meant, if he had to visit Uruguay to pick up the document, if he could renew his passport at any consulate and how many days he had to spend in the country. The professional explained the use of the credential, told him that he had to visit Uruguay only once for ten days and that the renewal of the passport could be processed at any consulate.

Subsequently, the Arab dedicated himself to asking more specific questions about the service offered by the notary:

Can you tell me how you’re going to handle this? asked the Pakistani.

-Once the documents are registered, we proceed and within a period of thirty days the date of when the person must be there to finish the process in person is obtained- answered Fernández

“I mean, how can you manage this without me having to live there or buy property or open a business, etc.?”– asked the Arab

-That is not necessary. With that document, enough and more than enough- added the notary.

-Is this completely legal? Can anyone do it? said the Arab.

It’s not easy, of course. It is very difficult and very few can do it- Fernández said.

-Is it possible that there is a problem and we cannot finish the process after having paid the advance?– asked the Arab.

-It has never happened. It may take more or less time, but the result is always obtained- assured the notary.

Fernández’s contact seemed to have many doubts regarding the service offered by the notary public and its result. In this sense, he asked if her country of birth would appear in the document, because in the document of “a friend who was born in Iran and later obtained a Uruguayan passport” her native country appears and “she cannot travel around the world ”. Fernández, for his part, assured that this was not the case: “In the new document it must appear as Uruguayan nationality regardless of her place of birth. The only place it will say Pakistan will be on a future identity card.”

The Pakistani seemed interested in the proposal and consulted the cost, but received no response from Fernández. Faced with this situation, he wrote to her again and got an answer: “For the wife, one hundred and twenty thousand. Children fifty (dollars)”.

Days later, the Arab sent a PDF document titled “Request 1” and explained that there were “the updated data of the sheikh.” “Oh great. I go on campaign. Greetings,” Fernandez replied.

However, apparently the process was not advancing at the pace that the Pakistani wanted, who wrote to the notary public about the status of the service and asking if citizenship “should be certified at the Uruguayan consulate in Pakistan.” Fernández, meanwhile, replied: “No. They are processing the information I sent them and in a few more days they will answer me. I’ll let you know.”

The gang of the former custodian of Lacalle Pou negotiated forged Uruguayan passports for the family of an Arab sheikh