The family of the Algerian driver, killed by a policeman in Paris, demands justice

An Algerian national was killed on October 14 by a policeman while driving his car in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. More than a month after this tragedy which made the headlines in France, the family of this 32-year-old engineer is demanding justice.

His name was Amine and he was 32 years old. Settled in France in 2019, this 32-year-old engineer who had just celebrated his marriage died in tragic circumstances. In the early evening of October 14, two police officers opened fire on his car. Amine, who was driving, died after being shot through his shoulder and hitting his heart.

On the evening of Friday, October 14, three police officers from the 12th arrondissement of Paris patrol in a screen-printed car. Around 7 p.m., seeing a Clio, they check the license plate in the files which reveal an insurance defect. They then decide to control it, but the Clio does not stop, until it finds itself stuck in traffic on a back alley of the Cours de Vincennes, according to elements of the investigation consulted by the AFP.

Amine, an Algerian driver, killed on October 14 in Paris after “refusal to comply”

The two police passengers get out of their car, position themselves around the Clio, and take aim at the driver. According to a judicial source, the two police officers used their service weapon in the direction of the vehicle, because the car started towards them while they were at its height. Meanwhile, the passenger in Amine’s car fled on foot, according to the same source.

The shooter of the fatal bullet, Lucas F., 25, was a trainee peacekeeper, serving for three months. “I was sure that the vehicle was going to hit (my colleague, Editor’s note) Alexandre. So I fired twice, ”he said, before the General Police Inspectorate (IGPN), according to AFP. Lucas F. was indicted for intentional violence resulting in death without intention to give it and placed under judicial supervision with a ban on possessing a weapon and exercising as a peacekeeper.

Amine’s family, still “in shock”, demands justice

Since Amine’s death, his family has continued to demand justice. “We have the feeling that we took his life, he was only 32 years old, he had just gotten married. We want to do him justice, that he didn’t leave for nothing and that it doesn’t start again, ”testifies to AFP Wafa, social worker and cousin of the widow.

In her family, “everyone is in shock and traumatized”, she explains, seeing in the action of the police a “relentlessness”. Because where Amine was leading, at the level of Cours de Vincennes, “he could not escape”, underlines Wafa. Amine’s family tries to understand how such a tragedy could have happened. Wafa explains that Amine does not “fit with the character who is presented in the media as the person who refused to comply”.

The family of the Algerian driver, killed by a policeman in Paris, demands justice