The family of Lavazza zero CO2 impact capsules is expanding

Lavazza expands its range of CO2-neutral Nespresso compatible capsules, adding new taste profiles: Crema and Gusto Forte, Crema and Gusto Ricco and Espresso Maestro.

Coffee Editorial 2September 20, 2022

The commitment of the Lavazza Group always offering excellent coffee, which knows how to combine the unmistakable taste of blends with a real commitment to care and protection of the environment.

About a year after the launch of the most iconic Lavazza blends (Qualità Oro, Qualità Rossa, Crema e Gusto, ¡Tierra! For Planet and Dek) in the elegant aluminum capsule with zero CO2 impact *, the company expands its offer by adding new taste profiles:

  • Cream and Strong Taste: the best Arabica and Robusta from South America and Africa selected, blended and artfully roasted. The result is an exceptionally intense and full-bodied blend with strong aromatic notes and a hint of wood and chocolate.
  • Cream and Rich Taste: the best Arabica and Robusta from Central-South America and Asia, expertly blended to obtain a perfect balance of body and intensity, thanks to its aromatic notes of cocoa and wood.

To these is added a third power brand, theEspresso Maestro which responds to the request for a more full-bodied coffee. Espresso Maestro is a real one tribute to Luigi Lavazza, the inventor of the art of mixing: more than a century ago, he began to have the desire for a new coffee experience oriented towards excellence and thanks to passion and mastery, at the beginning of the 1900s, he gave life to those that today we call blends. His experience and skills have been passed down and perfected for over 125 years, reaching theexcellence of mixing.

From today anyone can enjoy this intense taste experience thanks to the launch of the aluminum capsules Espresso Maestro Ristretto: Arabica and Robusta from Central and South America, Asia and Africa expertly blended by Lavazza master blenders to enhance the intense elegance of chocolate and caramel notes.

For the Crema e Gusto Classico, Forte, Ricco and Qualità Rossa, the “stock format” of 80 capsules was launched for the first time, to allow consumers to never run out of their favorite blend.

All blends are also available in 10 capsule packs. In addition, there is also a 30 capsule pack for all products, with the exception of ¡Tierra! For Planet and Espresso Maestro Ristretto.

The Lavazza range of aluminum capsules compatible with Nespresso ** Original machines with zero Co2 impact * thus becomes ever wider.

* Lavazza offsets the emissions of this product for a zero CO2 impact. Find out more at
** Lavazza is not affiliated with, nor endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso

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