The family nurse also arrives in Jolanda di Savoia

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Jolanda of Savoy. The new service of the family and community nurse (Ifec) of Jolanda di Savoia starts on Monday 21 November, with the aim of becoming a point of reference for the health of the community of Jolanda herself. It is a new service that goes in the direction of creating increasingly proactive assistance close to the patient in the area.

The Family and Community Health Nurse is one professional figure who has been operating in the Ferrara area since December 2021. He was born in teste territory with a pilot project started in the Municipality of Ferrara then subsequently expanded to Mesola and Goro, Bondeno and Cento (Reno Centese locality) Fiscaglia and Portomaggiore and therefore present in all three health districts of the province.

The mayor of Jolanda Paolo Pezzolato expresses satisfaction with the activation of the new service and declares: “From the first day of our inauguration, the will of this Administration has been very clear: to have a health facility in our Municipality at the service of our citizens, especially for those who have greater travel difficulties”. And the mayor adds: “After Covid this will was even stronger. The layout and size of the premises in which Ifec will operate will also make it possible to integrate and expand the service, structuring it on the basis of the needs of our community, also by providing for meetings with citizens on topics that will involve all age groups”.

The dDirector General of the Health Trusts of Ferrara, Monica Calamai, states that “point on the family and community nurse is a precise choice of health policy aimed at increasingly proactive assistance in the area and close to the patient. A choice that is very well suited to the Ferrarese context, especially in the more ‘rarefied’ and peripheral areas. In Jolanda the two Ifec nurses will certainly be able to provide a useful contribution”.

“Even for this area the family and community nurse, although it is a public service, will be able to provide adequate responses to the context in which it operates” would like to clarify the director of the technical-nursing area of ​​AuslFe, Marika Colombi, who underlines: “These are also professionals selected on the basis of their extensive professional experience and on the basis of suitable criteria to be able to grasp social problems and discomforts that could reverberate on the patient’s health”

In Jolanda the Ifec clinic is located in via Roma n. 11 and it will work thanks to the nurses Mascia Curarati and Graziano Gavagni.

The service will have the following opening hours to the public:Monday to Friday from 8 to 19 and Saturday from 8 to 12.30. It is possible too direct access to the venue with opening hours to the public on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 12 to 13.

The contacts: telephone 3341548200–email:

The family and community nurse also performs a caring role particularly in the context of families, both al domicile of the patient, in clinic or in structures intermediate and long-term care in which he is hospitalised.

An important health service designed to provide maximum assistance, thanks also to the use of protected and dedicated paths that make the most of it the potential of this new fundamental figure above all in a perspective of local medicine ever stronger and more proactive, which means more complete and all-round taking charge of the user. Furthermore, an approach envisaged both in the Health Plan of the Emilia Romagna Region and in the National Relaunch and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) of the Government.


For each patient, a personalized care plan and therefore aimed at one overall and all-round careranging from prevention, treatment and rehabilitation aspects. The professional works in close collaboration with the home assistance service, with the patient’s family doctor and with the other professional figures in charge of him.

And in detail:

  • Evaluate your health and the needs of citizens in the different stages of life (children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, families and communities)
  • His role is supportive and in particular in the context of families, both al domicile of the patient, both in clinic or in structures intermediate and long-term care in which he is hospitalised.
  • Evaluate the risk factors present in the area informing and educating citizens, families and the community, promoting prevention interventions, encouraging improvements in lifestyles and correcting wrong behaviours;
  • Support families in need to quickly identify any health or social health problems to collaborate in their resolution;
  • Facilitates the integration between hospitals and local services to give an appropriate response to the health needs of the individual, the family and the community;
  • Collaborate with all services dedicated to people: health, social, voluntary and citizen protection associations and local authorities, facilitating integration processes and putting the citizen at the center of the action.
  • It is present in the health education process for strengthening the autonomy of citizens, their families and their caregivers, to offer support and support so that they are able to find solutions to their problems.


The service can be activated directly by the citizen, by the general practitioner or by the pediatrician of free choicethrough direct access to the clinic, e-mail and telephone contact (see above).

For further information on the services offered, activation methods, timetables and contacts, it is possible to consult the website

The family nurse also arrives in Jolanda di Savoia