The family is first! The beautiful moment of Guillermo Paiva with his brother

Paraguayan Soccer

12 Nov 21:33

Olimpia’s striker, Guillermo Paiva, starred in a very emotional moment after the final whistle that made official a new consecration of the “Dean” in Paraguayan football; his 46th star.

As soon as the commitment ended, the 25-year-old attacker helped his family enter the playing field of the Defensores del Chaco stadium for the corresponding festivities.

At one point, the striker himself was in charge of pushing his brother’s wheelchair, who was wearing a striped shirt and overflowing with happiness for the achievement of the club of his loves and where his brother is an idol.

Guillermo ended up scoring 5 goals in 20 games played in the Clausura 2022 tournament. He started 8 games.


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Paraguayan Soccer

12 Nov 21:12

Olimpia equaled 1-1 with Nacional, this Saturday at the Defensores del Chaco stadium, for the last date of the Clausura 2022 tournament and won the title of champion, thus adding its star number 46 in Paraguayan soccer.

But the task was not easy at all. David Fleitas’ goal, in the first half, made the mission much more complicated, added to the tremendous pressure imposed by the team led by coach Pedro Sarabia, who bit into every corner of the playing field.

Within that context a savior emerged. Brian Montenegro rubbed the lamp and in complicity with Walter González, they scored a great goal and on top of that the consecration.

In the 75th minute and after a clearance by Richard Ortiz, González lowered the ball to Montenegro, who first extended it to Walter, who ended up assisting Brian in a fantastic wall. The “Poeta del Gol” took the ball and with all the serenity in the world, he defined it next to Santiago Rojas, rival goalkeeper, for the final 1-1.

“It’s the most important goal, for the people, for everything we’ve been through this year and the truth is that it’s well deserved,” said Montenegro after the end.

With his decisive goal against “Trico”, Brian Montenegro reached 6 sacred cries in 20 games played in the Clausura 2022 tournament.


Closure 2022

12 Nov 21:12

Olimpia showed all her rebellion in a second half of great suffering against a handsome Nacional, who made her life impossible until the last. Brian Montenegro came off the bench to sign the desired draw (1-1) that gave Franjeado title number 46, which enlarges his glorious record in Paraguayan soccer.

The Dean had to give his last effort to add one more star, which was not easy, because he had one of the most complicated rivals in the Clausura, which was Nacional.

The game began very complicated with a goal from the Tricolor before 20 minutes, after a play prepared between Santa Cruz, Martínez and David Fleitas, who ended up pushing at the near post.

It was very difficult for Franjeado to find light in a game in which Nacional pressed, suffocated, it was very intense, they almost didn’t let Julio Cáceres’ team play in that first stage.

In the complementary, the attitude was totally different, but always with a shortage of ideas, since the rival did not offer cracks.

The changes of Cáceres were key. He boosted the offense with Brian Montenegro and Walter González, who gave it more aggressiveness. Silva’s move down the right side and the entry of Richard Ortiz were also decisive.

With 15 minutes to go, the new offensive duo appeared to change and make a difference: Brian Montenegro and Walter González made a fantastic wall and the former (Montenegro) ended up defining with spectacular calm.

The last minutes were just pure endurance, resistance and Olimpia shouted champion for the 46th time.

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The family is first! The beautiful moment of Guillermo Paiva with his brother