The Crivelli family in the Middle Ages

Professor Giancarlo Andenna has revived the era of the beginning of the year 1000 in the area. The Crivelli family, the rectory of Bernate Ticino, Pope Urban III.

Nine hundred years after his birth, an evening to rekindle in his fellow citizens the memory of Urban III, the 12th century Cuggionese pope. Last Tuesday, in the conference room dedicated to the late deacon Giovanni Visconti, at the ‘La scala di Giacobbe’ complex in Castelletto, Professor Giancarlo Andenna gave a masterful lecture on the figure of Uberto Crivelli, who later became Urban III. Andenna, academic of the Lincei and former full professor of medieval history at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, illustrated the figure of the Cuggionese pope in front of a crowded classroom (also the former senator Mario Mantovani was present), thanks also to the precious organization of the parish priest don Angelo Sgobbi and of the Civic Historical Museum of Cuggiono. The professor followed the entire parable of the illustrious Cuggionese and his family, which takes its name from the sieve, or sieve which, according to legend, the progenitor of the family used to demonstrate her virginity, carrying water inside as sign of illicitness. By the 12th century the Crivellis had already risen to the rank of vassals, and were preparing to give the world the 172nd pope of the Church. Uberto, so called at baptism, was most likely born in the Cuggionese possessions of the family, and covered the entire cursus honorum of the Milanese curia of the Church. He became archdeacon of the Cathedral of Milan, in fact the second position after the Archbishop, a role which he himself then assumed after the death of his predecessor. In 1185, after years of conflict with the emperor Federico Barbarossa, politically opposed to Milan, he too managed to be elected Pope, continuing his personal battle against Federico also on the throne of Peter. As pope, however, Urban never reached Rome, finding his death in Verona in 1187. Professor Andenna’s exposition ended in just over an hour, followed by the intervention of the deputy mayor Sergio Berra and the heartfelt thanks of the parish priest, who also recalled the upcoming appointments on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of Urban III. In fact, on Friday 25th Archbishop Delpini will be present in the Basilica of Cuggiono to inaugurate a bas-relief dedicated to Urbano, and the same work will also be affixed to the facade of the church of Castelletto, so as to make the memory immortal, at least in stone of the Cuggionese pope Urban III.


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The Crivelli family in the Middle Ages