The Coussau family is working on the transmission of the Relais de la Poste de Magescq – TendanceHotellerie

The year 2022 is a special anniversary year for the Coussau family which is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its arrival in Magescq and for the Relais de la Poste which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

More than a family history that spans three generations, the Relais de la Poste is the gastronomic flagship of the Landes with two stars in the Michelin Guide for 51 years. Located less than 20 kilometers from Dax and 15 from the waves of the Atlantic, Magescq has become the adopted city of the Coussaus.

A family story

In 1952, Bernard and his wife Jeanne Coussau, parents of Jean and Jacques Coussau, settled on the edge of National Route 10 and opened the Hôtel de la Poste. In 1968, the Coussau establishment won its first star in the Michelin Guide. Three years later in 1971, the gastronomic house won a second star.

In 1972, the family moved a few hundred meters to an old 19th century mansion.e century which is baptized Relais de la Poste. Fifty years later, the magic still operates with the two sons of the patriarch still in place: Jean in the kitchen and Jacques in the dining room accompanied by Annick, Jean’s wife, who manages the Relais & Châteaux hotel and Clémentine, the daughter of Jacques, who will soon take over in the kitchens.

For some time, the executive members of the Coussau family have begun to reflect on the future of the Relais de la Poste and the transmission of the hotel restaurant.

There was recently talk of handing over the case at the end of 2022, but the spring and summer have been very busy and it is clear that the discussions in progress have taken a bit of a delay.

With the end of the year fast approaching and in anticipation of the end-of-year celebrations at the Relais de la Poste which promise to be very busy every year, it was decided to continue the smooth running of the discussions with a view to the transmission beyond 2022.

We started discussions on the future of the Relais de la Poste more than a year ago, comments Jean Coussau. After the two difficult years linked to the pandemic, we had to deal with a resurgence of customers throughout 2022, which is a very positive element. That said, it was very difficult for each member of the family involved in the future of Relais de la Poste to concentrate fully on the final implementation of the transmission. The future of a House like ours, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, cannot be discussed in a few months. ! In order not to disrupt the smooth running of the organization of the restaurant and the Relais & Châteaux hotel, we have decided for the moment to continue at the beginning of 2023 with the organization in place today in order to leave more time for finalize the details of the future organization.

Jean Coussau and his niece Clémentine have been working together at the gourmet restaurant for 7 years now. Clémentine takes more and more responsibility in the kitchen. This summer, new dishes that meet the expectations of today’s customers appeared on the menu of the Relais de la Poste restaurant run by Daniel Giust. An effort on the presentation both on the plate and in the dining room has been made since the spring to the delight of customers who respond positively to the changes.

The new Relais de la Poste card will be designed for the first time by Jean and Clémentine Coussau and will be presented to the press on October 20th.

Relay of the Post

24 Avenue de Maremne

40140 Magescq

The Coussau family is working on the transmission of the Relais de la Poste de Magescq – TendanceHotellerie