The confrontation between Letta and Meloni: sparks on the family, the EU, reforms

from Paola Di Caro

Pd secretary: you are putting our credibility in Brussels at risk. The president of FdI: rebalancing the axis in the EU between Paris and Berlin

An hour and a half of question and answer
– with strict rules, two and a half minutes each for the same questions for both, one and a half minutes for those calibrated on each, three possibilities of replies on request – and in the end from the long face to face between Giorgia Meloni and Enrico Letta emerge two visions of Italy, profoundly differentopposing, but not hostile: We are at a crossroads, as it was with Brexit, summarizes the secretary of the Democratic Party, adding in full agreement with the opponent that in any case we can also fight keeping fair play and, underlines the leader of the Brothers of Italy, continuing to talk to each other from the day after the vote, as is done in mature democracies.

From the war in Ukraine to relationship with Europefrom the Pnrr at tax and labor policiesfrom the expensive bills to the budget gap, from immigration to civil rights (with one of the most animated moments precisely on the family and on homogenitorial adoptions), from alliances to reforms, interviewed by the director of the Corriere della Sera
Luciano Fontana Meloni and Letta illustrated their respective positions and opposed those of the opponent on everything, in the only confrontation between the front runners of the two main coalitions that will mark this hot electoral campaign.

War in Ukraine: in both coalitions there are strong criticisms of military support for Kiev and doubts about sanctions.

Read: On February 24, when we woke up that morning, our decision was immediate: a demonstration in front of the Russian embassy. The measures are working: even if they have repercussions on our economy, sanctions are the only way we have a chance to stop Russia today. We are firmly in favor of the Ukrainian resistance.

Melons: From the beginning we have shown no hesitation. And there is no doubt that things would remain so even with a center-right government. But Italy must stand tall in Europe and in NATO.

How are national interests protected in Europe?

Melons: Our position is the subsidiary principle. We want a Europe in which Italy too can defend its interests. The axis in the EU between Paris and Berlin must be rebalanced. For example, sanctions impact some countries more than others and we are calling for a compensation fund to help the most exposed nations.

Read: The reason why Europe doesn’t work is because conservatives and some countries don’t want majority decisions. We must remove the right of veto which, for example, Hungary and Poland like and is often used against Italy. They opposed the Next Generation Eu which then led to the PNRR. We do not want an Italy that vetoes, but an Italy that counts. And the positions of Salvini and Berlusconi of proximity to Putin are a problem: our credibility in Brussels is put at risk.

Melons: Letta did not raise the same objections to SI and Verdi: in our program there are very clear words written, those do matter.

Read: With SI and Verdi we have an electoral agreement to defend the Constitution, but we will not govern together.

Pnrr: how far can you go in the revision? Is there a risk that everything will skip?

Read: If we renegotiate the European funds of the NRP the message that we are unreliable and I am against this idea of ​​an unreliable Italy. Fratelli d’Italia has never been in favor, in the formal passages, of the Next Generation Eu.

Melons: Portugal also asked for a review, and Gentiloni said “very well”. We were not against the Next Generation but against the Mes. And if we abstained because the text was handed to us in Parliament only one hour before the vote. The money from the NRP is, for one part, taken in debt. When we asked what interest rates were granted Gentiloni did not tell us.

Dear bills, what measures should you take?

Melons: We can start from the decoupling of the cost of gas and that of energy. The budgetary variance is only the last resort.

Read: We agree on decoupling but we also need to enter a phase of administered prices: when the market does not work and the meteorite arrives, we must intervene.

The parties are making a lot of election promises, which cost tens of billions. Is there a risk of a further debt crisis?

Read: We have made a single proposal for a tax reduction, of taxes on labor to have a fourteenth at the end of the year.

Melons: Our programs are feasible: we propose a tax cut with an incremental flat tax. In favor of cutting the tax wedge. There are no amnesties in our program.

Low wages and precarious contracts: the answers are citizenship income and minimum salary?

Read: We propose a first employment contract, the elimination of free internships. Citizenship income must remain as a support to poverty but accompanied by a change in active policies.

Melons: Citizenship income? What I dream of and I want to build a support tool for those who are not in a position to work. Minimum wage is not the answer, we propose a super deduction of 120% for companies that hire, based on the principle that the more you hire the less you pay.

Immigration: how are flows controlled?

Melons: Past governments did not block the illegals or allow the regulars to enter. A European mission is needed to deal with North African governments to prevent the departures of boats and to open hotspots in Africa for the management of migrants.

Read: I see that the naval blockade formula has finally not been used. so evident that inapplicable and those who aspire to the government of a large European country cannot say such things. We need integration, ius scholae and reopening of the flows decree, but Orbn and Poland with the veto have always blocked EU policies on the matter.

Melons: Macron blocks its borders, Poland is taking charge of Ukrainian refugees.

Reforms: do we need presidentialism and regional autonomy?

Melons: I aim for a stable system for 5 years that binds the citizen to the elected. I am not surprised that those who have been in government without winning the elections for 10 years oppose this proposal. I hypothesized the French-style semi-presidentialism that was D’Alema’s proposal.

Read: A system change is not needed to make the country work, with Draghi and the current system the government has worked very well.

Melons: With Draghi, the Parliament ousted.

Question to Letta: are you summoning the Meloni monster in your election campaign?

There really is a whole country accompanying Meloni, where would we be creating monsters? In reality we are at a crossroads, in a referendum like the one between Brexit and staying in the EU. We are campaigning on things. Our tones are absolutely linear, indeed I am accused of being too much fair.

Question to Meloni: there are fears that with you we will go to an Italy on the Orbn model. But what does it mean to you to be conservative today?

But Orbn was in the EPP, if anything it can be said that he governs with them … Rather, one wonders why this continuous attack on the Eastern nations: it is a very serious mistake to create Serie A and Serie B nations. God, country and family: There is nothing anti-modern. I consider myself a conservative and I don’t think that a Mazzinian motto like “God, country and family” collides with modernity. It means defending an identity. The homeland, the family and also the religious identity are fundamental, while believing in the value of the secularity of the state.

Letta intervenes: A right-wing victory would make the country take big steps backwards on civil rights. Radical differences emerge between our theses as clear from what we are saying. From this comparison two Italies emerge from which citizens will have to choose. Go vote !.

Question to Letta: will the relations interrupted with the M5S be able to resume during the legislature?

There are cities where we govern together. But what they did was irresponsible. The growth of the M5S is creating an interesting scenario, especially in the South they are taking away votes from the right. We will see what happens, we make our race. Their decision to take away Draghi’s trust could not fail to have consequences.

Question to Meloni: can we say that a center-right government will last if it wins the elections, despite the differences between the FdI, Lega and FI that have caused visible disagreements in the past?

Yes, of course, we have already demonstrated it, we do it very well at the regional and municipal level. We are together by choice and not by necessity. Let’s not say, as the left does, vote for us otherwise there is the right. We can tell a vision of our own.

Question to Meloni: what is your position on civil rights?

There have been great fake news in this election campaign. On 194: we have never proposed to abolish it, not even to modify it, but only to apply it, guaranteeing its full implementation, that is, support for women who choose not to terminate their pregnancy. On the rights of homosexuals there are civil unions and that’s okay. I do not agree with the right of adoption of homosexuals because children who have already suffered must be guaranteed the maximum, which for me is a father, a mother, the stability of the couple.

Letta intervenes: To raise a child you need love.

Meloni retorts: Love has nothing to do with it, the state does not rule love. I grew up in a single parent family and not that my mother didn’t love me.

Chiosa Letta: Exactly, the state cannot regulate love. And I never said your mother didn’t love you.

Ask Letta: are you sorry you left Paris for politics? And if he loses the election, could he go back to his old life?

I led my country for a few months, it was a great pride and an honor, but also a great fortune to be able to carry out a fascinating campaign like this in a great party of the people. Ours is the only party that does not have a name in the symbol, because it is a collective adventure.

Question to Meloni: It is true that she is becoming very draghian, after having had positions such as those of the Vox rally?

I of the meeting of Vox I would like to cancel only the voice that rises when I am tired … For the rest, serious is a country where one can be accused of being fascists and dragons at the same time ?.

And if after the vote there was no clear majority, to exclude the possibility of a new government of broad understandings that would see the FdI and Pd together?

Both: No!they say laughing.

Read: Yes, maybe we can say it in unison. Not possible and I think it is understood that you can campaign on your ideas and then everyone will win or lose.

Melons: Yes we exclude it, a healthy democracy is one in which two people who fight each other in an electoral campaign then do not find themselves pretending nothing has happened the next day. Previously Meloni had assured that a center-right government, if the electoral outcome were favorable to his coalition, would be destined to last, despite the differences between the parties.

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The confrontation between Letta and Meloni: sparks on the family, the EU, reforms