The cat Winnetou is found after seven years but there is no longer a family waiting for him

It was found seven years after his disappearance. But even though his family was traced, there was no happy ending: they believed him dead and have “moved on”, so much so that they never wanted him back.

The protagonist of this story is Winnetou, a 16-year-old kitten who lives in the kennel in Muttenz, Switzerland. It was 2015 when he disappeared from home, leaving his owner desolate, without a reason or a trace. Then, the unexpected: last August it was found.

Perlios was taken off the street by volunteers from an animal welfare organization called NetAp: “A neighborhood resident took care of him, but he always saw him with a distressed look and a sad face.” Arriving at the shelter, they looked for the microchip, and yes, he had it. However it had not been updated and even though the phone number was no longer active, there was an address. Through that, the volunteers were able to trace her original family, who had moved.

“With the help of the Rheinfelden city administration, we got in touch with the former owner, who had moved and no longer believed his cat was still alive,” says NetAp president Esther Geisser.


“We find it tragic that in seven years no one has ever had the idea of ​​taking him to the vet or alerting emergency services”, despite the fact that he was known by everyone in the neighborhood where he had settled.

Unfortunately, as anticipated, this story didn’t have a happy ending. The original Perlios family has two other cats in the house who would not tolerate the presence of a third. And so the cat ended up in the shelter, where the volunteers are taking care of the health and ailments of his age. “I just hope it doesn’t take too long to be adopted,” and he can finally enjoy his golden years.

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The cat Winnetou is found after seven years but there is no longer a family waiting for him