The Brazilian press is censored for allegations of corruption against the Bolsonaro family

Censorship is another of the weapons used by Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign to avoid negative impacts on your image. Senator Flavio, one of the presidential sons, complained to the justice of Brasilia (the federal district) that prevent the publication of corruption cases against your family in Brazilian media. The case affects the UOL portal, of the Folha de São Paulo group, which revealed the purchase of 51 properties by the clan with money of dubious origin. A judge of the Federal District court, of second instance, accepted the demand.

This is an unprecedented violation in the Brazilian legal system” declared the lawyer Monica Filgueiras, defender of the medium. “It intends to remove from the public debate, on the eve of the elections, those relevant information on the assets of public officials.”

The first UOL article appeared on August 30 and it reported the acquisition of real estate by the Bolsonaros for a value of around 5 million dollars, in cash. There was a second note, from last September 9, which deepened the revelations by pointing out that 17 residences were bought by two of the sons of the head of state, Senator Flavio and Councilman Carlos. And he suggested that this money could come from an illegal scheme of appropriation of salaries, payments to falsely employed personnel in the parliamentary offices of both legislators.

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Allies of the Brazilian president praised the judicial decision that forced the portal to withdraw the articles from circulation. “It is fake news that Bolsonaro has bought all that. For the first time, the president is responsible for the decisions of his relatives, all of whom are of legal age,” argued deputy Giovani Cherini, from the same party as the current ruler. “Those articles were intended to hurt re-election.”

In turn, Flavio Bolsonaro wrote on Twitter: “Victory. Justice understands that Lulistas invented the lying and criminal entanglement to attack Bolsonaro in the elections”. For the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism “a decision by the Justice to force the removal of content based on facts and documents is very worrying.” The president of that association, Katia Brembatti, judged that “there is no false information in those articles.”

Simultaneously, the big media published the rejection of the judicial decisions on the understanding that these prevent “clarifying” the public, “a fundamental fact on the eve of an election”. According to columnist Valdo Cruz of Globo News, “it would be good if they (the members of the Bolsonaro family) explained how they made those purchases.”

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The National Association of Newspapers (ANJ) questioned the “act of censorship against the press in the country.” He stressed that he hopes that the decision made by the justice system in Brasilia will be quickly reviewed because it is “in total disagreement with what the Constitution determines, depriving citizens of being freely informed.” The National Federation of Journalists (FENAJ) expressed itself in similar terms, pointing out that what happened constitutes “an attack on freedom of the press, which must be condemned by all of society.”

It is not the first case in which judicial instances have ruled against the disclosure of suspected acts of corruption in the government.either. A month ago, a judge from Rio Grande do Sul, Jorge Alberto Schreiner Pestana, forced the newspaper Estado de São Paulo to exclude from its website a complaint about a loan from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) to a club of shot of that provincial state; a typical Bolsonarista-era subsidy to trainers and firearms holders.

*Author of Brazil 7 days. From São Paulo, Brazil.

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The Brazilian press is censored for allegations of corruption against the Bolsonaro family