Teacher in Belén de Umbría would have been robbed and beaten by a family man

The woman was abandoned in a coffee plantation in the area.

From the morning of this Thursday, September 15, a sit-in took place in front of the Juan Hurtado Educational Institution, located in the municipality of Belén de Umbría, in the department of Risaralda. The protest was organized on the occasion of the aggression suffered by a teacher last Wednesday the 13th, apparently at the hands of who would be a father of a family of a student at the school.

The teacher had left her work day at said official school, located on a path in the northwestern area of ​​Belén de Umbría, and was traveling on her motorcycle to the urban area, her place of residence. In the rural area, the woman was approached by a man who intimidated her with a knife to take her belongings: two gold rings, a watch, a cell phone, her bag with personal items and the vehicle in which she was transported.

Not content with having stripped her of her personal belongings, the man gave him a beating that left her unconscious and, later, abandoned her in a coffee plantation in the area. The occupants of a vehicle that was transporting bananas came to help her, transported her to the municipal seat and admitted her to the local hospital.

While being treated, the teacher filed a complaint against the person who attacked her, whom she would have fully recognized during the attack because she is the guardian of one of her students. With this information in hand, the competent authorities began the search for the alleged aggressor and the items stolen during the violent event.

Several organizations have spoken out about the aggression suffered. For example, the Mayor’s Office of Belén de Umbría sent a statement rejecting categorical to the fact and “sends a message of solidarity to all teaching staff, the educators’ union and the entire educational community of the municipality. We urge the authorities to speed up the investigations that will clarify the facts.”

The Risaralda Teachers’ Union (SER), for its part, expressed its deep indignation for the robbery against the teacher. “We vehemently reject actions of violence against women, against teachers in the department of Risaralda and throughout Colombia, and we reiterate that gender-based violence represents a strong violation of women’s rights,” says their statement.

The educators added that “acts of violence create serious breaches of integrity, dignity and human rights, even more so for women who have been stigmatized for times and unknown (sic) their value as a fundamental part of the family and their contribution to the construction of a different society and that it is through dialogue and tolerance that differences can be resolved”.

“From the SER we support the protest action that is carried out today in the municipality of Belén de Umbría as a rejection of this fact, and we demand that the competent authorities give speed and solution to the complaints presented by these violent acts”, concludes the statement of BEING.

In addition to the sit-in, the union moved with banners through various areas of the urban area to demand that justice act on this case. The victimized teacher is in stable condition.


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Teacher in Belén de Umbría would have been robbed and beaten by a family man