Tacopina enjoys family

(photo by Damiano Fiorentini)

Spal has taken a liking to it. After the victory against Cagliari, Venturato’s biancazzurri beat Venice 2-0 and treat themselves to an afternoon of the past, in front of almost 10 thousand fans in the stands of Paolo Mazza.

“I am happy with the performance that was put on by the boys – he began Joe Tacopina – because I have always believed in their potential. Everyone did a great job and that’s what they are really proud. I want to emphasize how this team is different from mentality compared to last year. There is both aggression and determination, demonstrating that the key everything is in the head. I am also happy for Venturato, for how he is managing the situation. At the end of the game we hugged on the pitch And I pushed it under the curve because I think it was right to give him a round of applause for the success he is achieving ”.

In the next few hours, the president will return to New York: “I will have a beautiful return flight and I will be able to sleep peacefully. In the last month here I have been able to experience first hand the growth of the team day after day. Here is a real family and i am really happy with what i saw. From the victory with two teams that were in Serie A last year to the two draws with Ascoli and Bari. I can’t be happier than that and I think I’ll be able to enjoy the return“.

To know where this Spal can go, it is still early: “I don’t look at the ranking in September, but I am convinced of the team’s potential. Indeed, I repeat that the only two things we need to focus on are the approach it’s ours determination. If these are positive, the results will come. Inside the locker room we have goals that remain so. We believe in us and we move forward. I must also say thanks to the fans which I still think are the best in Italy. I never hid it ”.

Applause for the biancazzurri also comes from Roberto Venturato: “We did one important performance in many respects, also creating 8-9 scoring chances. Surely not having immediately closed the game it conditioned us to keep it alive until the end. We will have to be good at improving this aspect because we have built so much. But from the point of view of being on the pitch and playing a certain type of football, I have to say that something important has been done at length. We have expressed many things that we are researching. Today we are happy, but from tomorrow we will think about the next match “.

“We also conceded little – added the coach – against a high quality team like Venezia. It’s a victory that gives us great enthusiasm and the desire to play the games that will come with the spirit of a team that always wants to achieve something important. And this is a absolute value. The greeting with the fans at the end of the match? The passion of the people is always something extraordinary and sharing this moment of celebration with them was something I felt like giving. I have to thank them for the charge they give us. Of course we will try to give away games like this to our fans, especially from the point of view of temperament“.

Important performance as a ‘veteran’ in the middle of the field of Salvatore Espositowho talked about the emotions one feels in wearing the captain’s armband: “For me it is a responsibility it is an honor. I grew up here and have a fantastic relationship with the environment, my teammates and the club and I hope to honor it because great players like Floccari, Mora, Vicari and Antenucci wore it before me. I hope to repay the recognition with commitment and dedication. But in our locker room there are more captains which have important valuesfrom La Mantia to Dickmann, up to Pomini “.

The mister – he then continued – it’s giving me the confidence I need, then I’ll have to be good at showing my characteristics. I have to thank the technical area staff for hiring players who have always worked with the coach and I have to congratulate the way the old ones have welcomed the new ones and how the new ones have integrated. Now it is only up to us to give everything we have. We were coming from four difficult years and we know the difficulty to maintain a mental balance. We will not have to get down when defeats come, nor do we have to come up with strange ideas after winning. We will have to work match after match. Here there is an important square, there is an important fan base and it is normal to have expectations. We must not turn them into pressures, but always put our utmost effort into it ”.

Tacopina enjoys family-sized Spal. Venturato: “We work to give away other games like this”