Successful family: Volkswagen has already sold 500,000 units of the ID range

LAs we have been saying, the transition towards electrification has been accelerating in Europe due to various factors: on the one hand, the demanding emission regulations and new government regulations that also include tax benefits, and on the other, the existence of an increasingly more espacious. However, the most important reason is undoubtedly the demand from the public, who quickly accepted the arrival of EVs and is already seeing how little by little they are gaining market share. In this sense, Volkswagen was one of the first automakers to bet very strongly on electrics with its ID range, which has just marked an important milestone that reflects its success: it has already reached 500,000 units sold, a figure that is only outshone by Tesla. .

blankAs is already known, the Wolfsburg firm set its sights on the Silicon Valley company, which it aims to displace in the medium term. Although it still has a long way to go, it is making progress towards that goal: since the arrival of the ID.3, Volkswagen is introducing at the rate of one or two new 100% electric products per year. To begin with, the ID.3 was an immediate success, accumulating tens of thousands of orders of which there are still several units to be delivered but which the brand hopes to be able to satisfy the demand by being produced not only in Zwickau, but also in Dresden. For its part, the ID.4 remains one of the best-selling SUVs in its category while the ID.5, although it is located much further back, also complements it with its most exclusive imprint. Special mention for the ID.6, marketed exclusively in China and which has been achieving great demand in that market. To these must be added the recently presented ID.Buzz, another product that accumulates tens of thousands of orders and that began series production a few weeks ago at the Hannover plant.

It should be noted that the 500,000 units could be even more if there had not been several software problems that delayed the production of some of its vehicles, added to the well-known semiconductor crisis that affected the entire industry in general and electric vehicles in particular since They are the ones that require this type of components the most. According to European media, more than 135,000 units still remain to be delivered if pending orders are taken into account, also considering that the factories that produce them are gradually increasing their production rate and will reach their maximum capacity in one or two years. .

blankBeyond the fact that the brand will continue to offer vehicles with a combustion engine and different degrees of electrification for a few more years and in markets outside Europe, Volkswagen plans to market only electric vehicles in the Old Continent from 2033: by the end of this decade it anticipates that 70% of its sales will correspond to EVs, while in other countries such as China or the United States, the transition will be somewhat slower, with an estimate of 50% of EVs by 2030. To the existing range, in the coming years other electric ones will be added such as the ID.1 and ID.2 that promise to be located in the 20,000-euro range, the Aero B that will become the replacement for the Passat sedan and the Trinity project, its future flagship that will debut the new platform SSP that will replace the current MEB and that promises a new level of benefits, performance and driving assistance.

Successful family: Volkswagen has already sold 500,000 units of the ID range – 16 Valves