Simone Mattarelli, his brother: “We want the truth” / For the family it was not suicide

Lombardia Criminale, a crime news program broadcast on TeleLombardia, dedicated ample space during yesterday’s episode to death of Simone Mattarelli. The 28 year old was found lifeless, hanged in a company of Origgio, near Saronno, but according to the family it would not be suicide.
Lombardia Criminale interviewed exclusively on dad of the victim, who retraced what happened during the night of January 3, 2021, when his son died: “My son had to join me then he found patrols blocking his way (there was a COVID curfew ed) and he couldn’t get there. According to the patrols he found he changed the subject, I was on the phone with him and asked him where he was, I heard the sirens, then I heard the gunshots, I heard him panting and running and then I didn’t hear anything anymore… ”.


Simone Mattarelli, in addition to violating the curfew, would also have taken alcohol and cocaine, and he was aware that if they stopped him he would take a big risk. “When I heard that he was being shot at – continued his father – I stopped a carabinieri patrol, I asked him why they were shooting at him, they told me they were getting in touch to understand what was happening and then they told me to go to the barracks of Desio “.

Meanwhile Simone Mattarelli had hidden himself in a company in Origgio, Eurovetro, where he was later found hanged. “How do the carabinieri explain broken cars – the young man’s father wonders – the shots fired: drop everything and go back to the barracks? It’s a bit impossible ”. From the story made by his father to Lombardia Criminale, after a long chase, once Simone Mattarelli would have hidden in the company, the carabinieri would have finished the search.


In the studio in Lombardia Criminale there is instead Matteo Mattarelli, brother of Simone: “The first thing that struck us as strange was the position in which Simone was found, left us many doubts, even the behavior that was immediately there on the part of the carabinieri. They immediately gave us the availability of the body and for them it was immediately a suicide, they hadn’t even considered the doubt that anything else could have happened, and then there are so many questions and so many gaps to which we are waiting for answers, such as the fact that the jacket and the telephone are no longer found ”. Then Matteo asks: “A person who wants to end it does not ask his father for help, he does not have that desire to be found, he felt in danger and kept running away ”.

So Matteo explained: “When my dad arrives in Desio, he doesn’t find any trace of my brother, my father asks where he was but they don’t tell him. We go to the company but there is no one, the carabinieri are not looking for him. we found his clean shoes in the grove, and then we find a police patrol. we therefore ask to enter the factory. then they enter and seeing the cameras we realize that they have always searched the area of ​​the building where my brother was found, it is a very large company… around 3:00 pm then they told us that he was dead ”. Simone Mattarelli’s brother concluded: “We hope they will give us the opportunity to move forward, we need to know the truth, all these doubts and anomalies must be dispelled ”.


Simone Mattarelli, his brother: “We want the truth” / For the family it was not suicide