She saves her family 54,000 euros with discount coupons

54,000 euros is the sum saved by Aimee Moore, a British mother, solely by means of discount coupons and cashback operations. A method that seems to be bearing fruit… Provided you know how to do it!

Aimee Moore, budget influencer on Facebook

Aimee Moore is generous, since she shares her many tips on her Facebook account, entitled ” Extreme Couponing and Cashback UK “. She thus invites the curious to opt for the cashback apps during their online purchases, in order to benefit from an amount transferred to their account, or discount coupons According to the case. A good way to save money while having fun in this inflation perioddifficult for the wallet of the French (and people around the world)!

Besides, the Briton does not stop there, since she also gives advice for everyday life to save as much as possible on your various expenditure items. One example among many others, it advises its subscribers in particular to prepare their meals in advance, with pre-defined menus, following the technique of meal prepping. In fact, you will know what to buy during your grocery shopping according to the current reductions, and will not get lost in the shelves, buying superfluous products. The mother of the family also hunts down bargains, and does not hesitate to stock up when one of them allows her to. And she affirms it: I’ve reduced my annual food bill by several thousand dollars and I’m buying 99% of the family’s toiletries for next to nothing, even for free “.

54,000 euros in savings thanks to its flagship methods

Most people think they have to buy household items and groceries at retail price, when in reality they can get them for free or at a big discount. “Explains Aimee Moore during an interview given to the Mirror. With three dependent children, the mother’s methods of pay less during his food expenses of 250 euros to 30 euros per week intrigue and fascinate. ” I was getting a lot of messages from friends asking me how I save money and people were approaching me at the supermarket when they saw me with my coupons. “, she underlines to the Sun during another interview. ” If you take a few simple steps and plan a little, you can reduce your bills by several thousand euros “.

A method and a notoriety that allowed him to resign from his job, formerly a warehouse supervisor. So don’t throw away your discount coupons, they could be of great help to you in this period of inflation!

She saves her family 54,000 euros with discount coupons