Senator Moreno Arias confirms that his partner and family received bonuses program Supérate

The senator from Montecristi, Ramon Pimentel Nunez (known as Moreno-Arias), of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), confirmed that several people close to him received the Family Support Bonus that the government grants to families in need through the Supérate program.

However, the legislator himself criticized that these aids are not delivered to people who really need it and clarified that, in the case of his sentimental partner and his legal advisor, the checks were changed and the cash was given to poor families.

For several weeks, several lists have been circulating on the Whatsapp messaging application with the people eligible to receive the aforementioned bonus. The registers show people’s personal information, such as telephone number, identity card, address, full name and a color photo.

In the case of Montecristi, it was learned that among the winners was the senator’s romantic partner, his cousin, who is also a teacher, and his legal advisor. There are also businessmen, people with properties, a lawyer, a parts owner and even emigrants who have lived in the United States for more than a decade.

About this situation, Supérate reported: “We know that the last update of the Single System of Beneficiaries (Siuben) was in 2018, that is why sometimes there are people who should not.” In those cases, they have ordered that when identifying those who do not deserve to be benefited, that delivery be eliminated and those checks returned with due notification.

The senator Moreno-Arias confirmed that in his province people benefited with a lot of money, as well as other poor people, so he thinks that the distribution was made randomly. “I think they should be organized and that there shouldn’t be cases like these,” he said.

Regarding her partner, the legislator explained that “she published when it came out that she was going to give it to Quique and Altagracia, a couple who is the aunt of a citizen who worked with me for about 26 years, and we always give her support.” He said that “the legal consultant is a lawyer that I gave him 20 thousand pesos and he also gave it (the check)”.

Selection criteria

Supérate, for his part, defended the criteria used to select those who receive the bonus.

Wailly Lewis, deputy general director of operations, said that “the beneficiaries are people who do not receive any type of aid and with a salary reflected in the Social Security Treasury of less than 20 thousand pesos.”

He explained that this information “was processed three months ago and everything emanates from the Siuben data.”

controversial senator

It is recalled that Senator Moreno-Arias It is the same one that at the end of 2021 demanded that the leaders and supporters of his party be benefited in the teaching opposition contests.

In a video that was broadcast on the networks, the congressman said that he hoped that those who worked to bring Abinader to the presidency would be awarded in the teacher contests.

In 2020, the same senator was involved in a scandal for allegedly threatening six police officers with dismissal for arresting a friend of his who had three arrest warrants. He wrote down the names of the agents for arresting his protégé.

Bonus Objective

On July 18, President Luis Abinader announced the Family Support Bonus with the aim of supporting the most vulnerable Dominican households. The president said that “the government will not leave behind those households that continue to be affected by the aftermath of the pandemic and must now face this new challenge of war.”

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Senator Moreno Arias confirms that his partner and family received bonuses program Supérate