Royal family: the princes of Wales, the future of the monarchy?

The last photo where the royal family was seen together. It was for the 70 years of Elizabeth II on the throne / AP

The popular couple formed by Prince William, now number one in succession to the throne, and his wife Catalina, hold, together with their three children Jorge, Carlota and Luis, the hopes of a modern monarchy close to the British people.

Their Instagram account usually tells the life of this couple with their children of 9, 7 and 4 years respectively. With his funny faces, the youngest Luis attracted all eyes during the Jubilee festivities in June.

Until now Dukes of Cambridge, William and Catherine will now be named Prince and Princess of Wales, King Charles III announced on Friday, in addition to inheriting his Duchy of Cornwall.

Over the years, they have won the hearts of the British with their image of a happy family, exemplary and close to the people, far removed from Guillermo’s difficult childhood, when his parents Carlos and Diana fought in front of everyone. .

Over the years, they have won hearts with their image of a happy family.

The “enormous interest” they arouse is “obviously” because they embody the future of the monarchy, considers royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, but also because of “their own way” of “approaching things.”

“They master the art of controlling both the formal and the informal” in the public sphere, he stresses.

The couple is often photographed arm in arm at official acts and events, such as the premiere of the latest film in the James Bond saga.

Plus, “Catalina has been a fashion icon for a long time,” adds Fitzwilliams.

This, he estimates, “has been very beneficial for British fashion”… but also for the image of the couple.


This glamorous image is counterbalanced by a more relaxed facet closer to the people, especially through the couple’s numerous commitments to causes that are very dear to them: mental health for Guillermo, childhood for Catalina.

The couple regularly glimpse their domestic life, such as their children’s schoolwork during confinement, or their sports activities.

In June 2021, Prince George was photographed with his parents at England’s World Cup matches, drawing some jokes for wearing a suit and tie despite his young age.

His mother feeds this image of normality by sharing casual and intimate photos of daily life, in which Jorge appears on the grass in a soccer jersey. In others you can see Carlota distributing food packages or the smallest painting with his hands.

“There has always been an agreement regarding the media of real children”

This allows to satisfy the insatiable need of the press to obtain images of the family, while protecting it from the paparazzi that followed Diana until her death.

“There has always been an agreement regarding media coverage of royal children,” though relations with the press may have been “very tense” at times, says Fitzwilliams. “When they are little, they get some privacy in exchange for photos or videos at certain times, like birthdays, Christmas, their first day of school.”

“They have done a very good job protecting that mixture of normality” and royal status, considers the expert.


According to a recent YouGov poll, Catherine is the most popular member of the royal family, after the now-deceased queen. Her husband arrives next, well ahead of her father, King Carlos III.

“I think that William and Catherine are, in many ways, the reflection of the queen [Isabel] Y [su difunto esposo] Felipe”, journalist Robert Jobson confided to AFP.

In his opinion, the reign of Carlos III “will be seen as a transition to that of his son.”

These new princes of Wales “will give the monarchy, after such ancient monarchs, a sense of modernity probably necessary to help its continuity,” he estimates.

Royal family: the princes of Wales, the future of the monarchy?