Rector of the UACh met for the first time with the family of Roger Lampert

The Austral University informed Valdivia Newspaper that this Tuesday, November 15, the rector Hans Richter, and the director of Student Affairs, María Constanza Angulo, met with the family of student Roger Lampert (27).

The young man’s father, Luis Lampert, and his cousin Bárbara Tamayo were present at the meeting, who stressed that this is the first time the rector has met with them.

“On the occasion, emphasis was placed on the fact that the Universidad Austral de Chile has a support protocol – coordinated through the Directorate of Student Affairs (DAE),” the university reported.

The institution explained that the protocol consists of “accompaniment to relatives and close environment of the affected person within the institution (colleagues, teachers), the possibility of receiving psychological support and social workers, as well as contributions in economic matters in those cases that require it. deserve to help pay, in part, the expenses that these families must incur”.

Roger Lampert was studying Science at the Austral University.

In this sense, and after the meeting, Bárbara Tamayo assured Valdivia Newspaper That support was only at the beginning.

“Yes, there is that protocol that they mention, but it is not continuous because it was only in the first days that Roger was missing, now after five months they are calling because of all the fuss that came out in the media,” he questioned.

The university also assured that during the meeting held this Tuesday, “it was stressed that the UACh has always been fully available to the institutions in charge of investigative work in cases involving some of its students.”

And he pointed out: “It was also clarified that these types of events can only be investigated by the bodies established by our legal system, that is, by the Public Ministry and the police. In this sense, it is important that the community keep in mind that private parties can only collaborate with the procedures that prosecutors order and should not interfere in said work, taking initiatives that are legally prohibited.

In this context, Barbara clarified what the family’s main request is: “What we have asked all this time is to talk to the teachers, to have a statement that they can give directly to the parents because unfortunately the investigation is very slow, we know that they have declared but there is no in-depth investigation”.

“I don’t know why it costs so much, it’s just a humanitarian act, to empathize, what is it difficult for them to clarify things with us, what is it difficult for teachers to communicate. At least the rector promised to see with lawyers how they can help, ”he added.

“Unfortunately, there is that feeling that there is a lack of commitment, they say they have been attentive all this time, but it is the same thing that happens to us with the municipality, they do not get anything out of asking how the case is going because they do not communicate with the family, we do not we are fortune tellers, because not even students have been present”, he concluded.

For its part, the house of studies emphasized that “the rector Hans Richter listened carefully to the feelings of the family and committed his support within the real possibilities that the institution has.”

“Our students are very important, therefore, the disappearance of a member of the university community is not indifferent. We want to express clearly and categorically to the community of Valdivia that we are all concerned at the UACh with what is happening with Roger,” he said.

“With all our hearts we want to express that our University and each one of its members empathize with the difficult situation that the family and environment of Roger Lampert are experiencing and reiterate their complete willingness to continue in contact and provide the support that is necessary in these difficult moments” said the rector.

university students who have disappeared

Since October, Diario de Valdivia has been carrying out a series of reports on the enigma of the numerous university students who have disappeared in Valdivia.

In the last two decades, devastating cases have been recorded, most of them without resolutions or culprits. Three students disappeared in the last year: two were found dead, Roberth Aldunce and Alfonso Rivas, while Roger has remained without a trace since June.

On September 30, 2021, 21-year-old Roberth Aldunce went missing. The body of the Forest Engineering student from the Austral University was found in the Valdivia River on October 12 of that year.

Less than a year later, Roger Lampert, a chemistry student at the Austral University, disappeared after leaving his home in Valdivia on the morning of June 6 of this year. The 27-year-old university student has yet to be found.

Just three months later, 18-year-old Alfonso Rivas disappeared after leaving his job in downtown Valdivia in the early morning of September 11. The body of the Universidad Austral Medical Technology student was found on September 26 in the waters of the Calle Calle river.

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On June 6 of this year, the Austral University student left his home after looking up the address of a professor on Google Maps. Family criticizes lack of support and requests clarification from the educational institution, while the Prosecutor’s Office explains the investigative process.

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Originally from Santiago and an inveterate animal lover, he was studying Forestry Engineering at the UACh. In October 2021, his body appeared floating in the river. Forensic hired by the family explains his investigation, while the Prosecutor’s Office does not have a deadline for proceedings.

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Passionate about soccer, it was the first score of his career and he already had goals set in his homeland. Two weeks after his 21st birthday, in October 2005 he was last seen in the center of the city. A sea of ​​testimonies never gave a drop of certainty.

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He disappeared on October 20, 2002 and his body was found 19 days later. The lawyer who represented her family insists that it was a homicide, while the forensic psychologist who defended the acquittal of four convicted of the crime, assures that it was “accidental death.”

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In the last two decades, devastating cases have been recorded, most of them without resolutions or culprits. Three students disappeared in this last year: two were found dead and one remains without a trace. The Prosecutor’s Office assures that these cases are of “great relevance”.

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Rector of the UACh met for the first time with the family of Roger Lampert – Diario de Valdivia