RdC: “Doors open at ‘Braglia’: family challenge for Modena”



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RdC: "Doors open at'Braglia': family challenge for Modena"

“Doors open at the ‘Braglia’ stadium: family test for Modena”, headlines the Rest of the Pug.

Fans will be able to enter from gate number 9. Players like Poli and Bonfanti. they will put minutes in the legs.

Possibility of putting minutes in the legs for some, Poli and Bonfanti above all. Possibility of experiments, probably not very indicative in view of the away match in Parma but it is equally evident that the break and joint training with Primavera 3 this morning could help Attilio Tesser in this sense. ‘Braglia’ stadium open, in a completely exceptional way (entrance from gate 9 for the central grandstand only) for the 11 am trip with the family, at the end of a week in which the club has further renewed its closeness to the work of the staff technician […].

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