Parents of Miss Normandy, a real adventure for this family from Saint

Stella Patry and François Prunier, the proud parents of Perrine Prunier, the new Miss Normandy, would never have imagined one day living such an adventure. ©DR

Installed at Saint-Aubin-des-Bois (Near Vire Normandy) for three years and both working in the food industry, these parents of three children: Mathilde, Perrine and Paul, saw nothing coming. Until their daughter Perrine embarked, to their great surprise, on the adventure of Miss Normandy.

“Never the slightest desire”

“We are not a family that was very interested in this competition. We were just looking at the results of miss France to see which region would represent France. Perrin is a simple young womaninvolved in her studies: she has just finished his Master II in law and is destined for the function of police commissioner, loving the horse and not particularly interested in the competition either. She had never expressed the slightest desire to participate, “they report.

The surprise was therefore quite big in the family when in 2021, the young woman announced to them that she wanted to compete for Miss Normandy.

In fact, it’s a challenge that she and a friend set themselves. And as Perrine always goes after what she starts, even after the girlfriend withdrew, she continued and in the end, she won the scarf of 3rd runner-up “.

“She has a competitive spirit”

Parents very proud of their youngest but however a little worried when their daughter announces that she wants to run again in 2022. ” We really did not expect her to run again. At the same time, we still suspected that she could repeat. That’s all Perrin. She has competitive spirit and when she sets a goal, she does whatever it takes to achieve it. She doesn’t give up. She wanted to win the crown and gave herself the means to achieve it.

“We discover a universe”

Despite a pinch of worry, parents, brother and sister, grandparents, unite around Perrine, accompany her, support her. In a word, they become its first supporters. Perrine today has put his studies aside to devote himself fully to his preparation for the election miss France. We are in contact every day. She is fine. She explodes. We know she won’t go into a spin. She has her feet on the ground. We never thought we would live an adventure like this. We discover a universe that we did not know. And it’s the first time we’ve seen Perrine walk in high heels! “, report the two parents, laughing before adding:

“It is undoubtedly the general knowledge test that allowed Perrine to make the difference with her direct competitor and to become Miss Normandy this year. Just like his objective to enter the police to fight against violence against women and intra-family violence ”.

Now, the main wishes that Stella and François express are that their daughter takes full advantage of her Miss France adventure, the election of which will take place onth December 17, 2022 at Chateauroux. » We would like all Normans are mobilizing to support Perrine and that her adventure be crowned with success. Perrine, Miss Normandy 2022, will be in the running alongside 30 other candidates to succeed Diane LeyreMiss France 2022.

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Parents of Miss Normandy, a real adventure for this family from Saint-Aubin-des-Bois