“Our family has too often experienced defeat”: Eric Ciotti makes his political comeback in Levens

The objective of the evening is there: to prove that Les Républicains (LR) can still win elections. Éric Ciotti held this Saturday, his political back-to-school evening, and especially the one which was to mark his candidacy for the presidency of the LR party, “his family”to which he always swore “loyalty”.

This high mass was held in its bastion, in Levens, a municipality in the canton of Tourrette-Levens where the president of the finance commission of the Alpes-Maritimes departmental council was elected in the first round of the 2021 elections, as he did not fail to remind him.

“We cannot reduce ourselves to 5% of the vote”

And it was the message that the one who is also a member of the first constituency wanted to convey: who better than him to carry this party adrift, he who still triumphs on his land, alongside his “friends”?

While the party is losing its voters to its left and its right, The Republicans who win is him. “Here we are gathered on this land that has resisted, in a country where we have too often known defeat, claimed the candidate. Our political family cannot be reduced to less than 5% of the vote, as we have known”.

Against “betrayals”

Incarnation of this conquest, it is Christelle D’Intorni who opened the ball. The now ex-mayor of Rimplas, champion of Éric Ciotti, who conquered the fifth constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes against the outgoing Marine Brenier, who was carried by Christian Estrosi and by extension, the party of Emmanuel Macron. In short, the followers of “betrayals”.

She could not help but sting the mayor of Nice, evoking Christian Estrosi, without naming him and hammering, that there were 4,000 people in Levens, a big week after Lou feast nissartthe evening of the friends of the city councilor of Nice.

“I have a moved thought for those who refuse to accept that the biggest political comeback in France was not September 2 but here, in Levens, around Éric Ciotti.”

“Everything is falling apart my friends”

Before engaging: “It is time to replace megalomania with the general interest. It is time to put an end to the abyssal debt, to end the diktat of elected officials from elsewhere, who think that they can claim to be Nice, simply because let them eat socca and pissaladière. Eric, Nice needs you. Our country needs you.”

The young deputy, then Charles Ange Ginésy, president of the Department, to whom Éric Ciotti entrusted the keys to this community in 2017, followed by Guilhem Carayon, president of the Young Republicans, went all out. And above all paints a blackboard of “our nation”.

defeatism of the French, “decommissioning of France”debts, “uncontrolled immigration”explosion in energy prices, a “Racialist Education Minister… “But for Emmanuel Macron, everything is fine, quipped Guilhem Carayon. Everything is falling apart, my friends, but everything is fine. To recover, I am convinced that France needs a popular and patriotic project. Who better than Eric, who has never betrayed?”

Support for Wauquiez in the presidential election

Faced with this “decline of our eternal France”Éric Ciotti intends to embody this “hope”as he repeated.

He then rolled out the values ​​he would carry: “Loyalty, security, identity”. Foreigners who commit a crime or misdemeanor? “Prison then the plane!” “Let’s hand over the tax world cup to others!” “Fight against those who live on the addition of social benefits”

Before mentioning the one he will support for the presidential election: Laurent Wauquiez. “From the first half of 2023, I will propose that he be a candidate for the presidential elections of 2027.” Will Laurent Wauquiez support him in return?

“Our family has too often experienced defeat”: Eric Ciotti makes his political comeback in Levens