‘Open your hearts’, the meeting of ‘Marriage Encounter’ in Sacrofano

A real explosion of joy; so we could define the Leadership Meeting of the “Marriage Meeting” association which took place in Sacrofano (Rome) at the Fraterna Domus, from 9 to 11 September last, which was attended by over 600 people.

Leading the national managers Roberto and Alessandra Mura and Don Roberto Atzori. The theme was “Inebriated by the perfume, let’s open the door of the heart”. Among the guests the painter Gregorio Mancino with his family Hearts with the Curl, dedicated to solidarity and good for others. Mancino, with a great spirit of solidarity, made himself available – through the donation of his paintings – to a project in favor of hospitalized children and their families in difficulty.

The intervention of father Enzo Fortunato, well-known conductor, famous for his social column, gave a boost of energy Good morning Good people, who spoke of the difference between the human “Immediate” and the “Patience” of God. Father Enzo gave his point of view on the meaning of “Open the Door of the Heart”, exhorting the participants to all become “repairers” of the heart. But, for this to be effective, it is necessary to “put something of our own, put our heart into it, only in this way will we reach the goal “.

After Father Enzo the suggestive and enlightening words of Don Luigi Maria Epicoco, theologian, philosopher and writer, ecclesiastical assistant of the Dicastery for communication and columnist ofRoman Observer. Through his exegesis of the parable of the Samaritan Don Epicoco explained the meaning of the three protagonists of the Gospel passage: the priest, the Levite and the Samaritan. The priest represents “reasoning”, the Levite the instinct or gut action, the Samaritan embodies “compassion” achieved through the awareness of his own experience as a man, who makes mistakes and has suffered from his wounds. Precisely for this reason he is able to understand the difficulties and pain of others. he will cure it with the oil of consolation (which presumes listening) and the wine of joy (which needs encouragement). He will also give him shelter in the inn (which is none other than the Church).

In the large congress hall offered by the Fraterna Domus structure, the co-director of Christian family And Maria with you Luciano Regolo he spoke of his editorial experience, always referring to the fil rouge of the meeting “Opening our heart.” There were many references to try to have a just and fruitful communication and reach the hearts of people by making a gift of their being. “We are in a society where people talk about each other”, he explained, “there is no real exchange of feelings and for this reason they do not grow. The true path is to have curiosity in knowledge similar to the amazement of children and to understand that we can find truths in others that are not only our prerogative “.


The event ended with the Mass celebrated by Cardinal Angelo Comastri, who during the homily recounted episodes from his life, of his encounters with Saint Teresa of Calcutta, reminding us of the phrase that the Mother of the Poor often repeated: “There would never have been Mother Teresa of Calcutta without the example of my parents”. She concluded her homily with this beautiful reflection on the family with these words “Be beautiful and holy families, so you will be lamps that illuminate the lives of children and show them the right path in life. And they will always bless you!”.




‘Open your hearts’, the meeting of ‘Marriage Encounter’ in Sacrofano