Naples, Luca died 15 years after sushi: restaurateur and family doctor towards the trial

Parallel responsibilities that, within a few days, contributed to the death of a fifteen-year-old student. On the one hand, poor food: not traced, badly preserved and knocked down with old tools before being served; on the other, a medical intervention at least not very timely, which failed to prevent the most tragic of consequences. These are the reasons that led the Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office to notify two notices of conclusion of the investigations against a Chinese entrepreneur, former owner of an oriental food restaurant in Vomero; and against a family doctor, that he would have limited himself to recommending inadequate care (after a telephone consultation), without having specific investigations and in-depth analyzes.

Two notices of conclusion of the investigations, an act that generally acts as a prelude to a probable request for indictment, which bear the signature of the prosecutors Federica D’Amodio and Luigi Landolfi, at the end of the investigations conducted by the Nas carabinieri. Bad story, the one that happened to a model student, it was called Luca Piscopo, Soccavo high school student who died at the age of 15 last December 2nd. Killed by a salmonella infection and superficial and delayed care, according to what emerges from the reading of the two warranty notices sent in these days. Represented by the criminal lawyer Marianna Borrelli, Luca’s family members awaited the trial of these days with profound dignity, showing their determination to obtain justice at the end of the trial.

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But what are the accusations made against an entrepreneur and family doctor. In summary, the Prosecutor’s Office follows the track of parallel lines. There are two levels of responsibility that never came into contact, but which – taken together – contributed to the boy’s death. It was last November 23rd, when Luca went with some classmates to a restaurant in sushi al Vomero (today it changed management, after the first investigations carried out by the Chinese entrepreneur who came under investigation), at the end of a student demonstration in Vomero. They eat sushi, probably with the formula “All you can eat”, the consequences are almost immediate. Not only for Luca, but also for some classmates who suffer from illness, but fortunately manage to overcome critical moments. Athletic, convinced health-conscious, in perfect health, Luca is struck down after at least a week with peaks of very high fever, vomiting and diarrhea. But let’s read the accusations hypothesized today by the Naples prosecutor’s office. Manslaughter, administration of noxious substances, culpable crimes against public health, violation of the law on badly stored foods are the accusations brought against the restaurateur; Manslaughter in the health sector is the investigative hypothesis against the doctor. Defended by criminal lawyers Nunzio Giudice and Carmine Ippolito, the two suspects say they are ready to prove their version of the facts during the ongoing trial.

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A story that revolves around sanitary conditions of raw fish served. The prosecutors write: there was no documentation certifying the origin of the food; no suitable freezers were used; absence of technical data sheets regarding the tools for the abatement of the product (a decisive technique in defrosting operations, to kill bacteria); lack of a temperature detector in the management of the freezing wells. And that’s not all. Some complaints made by the restaurateur himself a few months before the boy’s death were of no use, since fines had been raised precisely in relation to the hygienic and sanitary conditions of the food. Everything useless. The fines have not served to guarantee minimum standards, capable of averting the risk of the spread of the killer bacterium.

Naples, Luca died 15 years after sushi: restaurateur and family doctor towards the trial