Morning, the Court of Foggia accepts the thesis of the Pignataro

MATTINATA (FOGGIA), 11/16/2022 – The condition of justice and legality has been restored again, with a civil sentence of the Court of Foggia in collegial composition, for the well-known Pignataro – Pilone family, from Mattinata, owner of real estate assets, including prestigious ones and historical buildings that include several hundred hectares of land throughout the territory of Mattinata.

Family, that of the Pignataros, known and esteemed by many for their entrepreneurial skills and before that for their great and sensitive humanity, generosity and also tireless availability such as that of Ciccio (for his friends) Pignataro who sadly died prematurely and who left a completely unfillable void for the entire community. On the other hand, who does not remember, even one of the great opponents of the construction of the petrochemical plant “Enichem”, an ominous settlement called a “chemical monster”, which was Eng. Biagio Pignataro di Mattinata, progenitor of the Pignataro family, a gentleman and professional of the past, who immensely loved our territory and the Gargano town of Mattinata.

The facts: A farm based in Mattinata has sued the members of the Pignataro family (mother and daughter) in order to declare the existence of an alleged agricultural lease contract for the permanent use of grazing cows, of a large extension of land located in the locality of Monte Sacro in the countryside of Mattinata as well as ascertaining serious facts involving a breach of the contractual obligation with a request for substantial compensation for damages for over a hundred thousand euros.

The Pignataro family formed in court with the lawyer. Matteo Ciociola, reiterated that no contractual relationship has ever occurred between his clients and the company in question, nor between the assignor of the Pignataro family and the ancestors of the legal representative of the farm, noting that the latter or his ancestors had grazed livestock on the Pignataro family’s land ‘they did it illegally, without the knowledge and against all will of the effective owners, taking advantage of the circumstance that these are estates located far from the town of Mattinata and of such an extension that they cannot allow for a daily check.

The sentence of the Court of Foggia puts an end to the judicial dispute by accepting the thesis of the Pignataro – Pilone family. Beyond the affair that occupied us in the civil office, our lawyer Ciociola comments, the Gargano is a territory that very often becomes the recipient of abusive occupations by subjects known and not known to the police who, by exercising an asphyxiating intimidating force towards ordinary and respectable people as well as land owners or even agricultural entrepreneurs, forcing the latter to suffer the invasions of livestock, with consequent considerable damage to crops and plantations, as well as serious impairment of the agronomic state of the land.

It is evident that all this could generate a particular fear in the victims in reporting the abuses suffered, sometimes preferring silence and undergoing all this. And then, continues the legal advocate Ciociola, an accurate and careful work both of presence in the territories (land) far from inhabited centers and of reassurance and support to all citizens exercised by the Police Forces present in the area, in addition to the initiatives to immediately denounce what is censurable that happens, so that this archaic phenomenon of illegitimate occupation of land and farms can be stemmed, unfortunately still present and widespread in our territory.

Morning, the Court of Foggia accepts the thesis of the Pignataro – Pilone family